Clearwater Cleaning Service

Maid services are something that many people avoid, perhaps you feel that only you can get the level of cleanliness you want or that it is lazy to have a maid service?

Maid services though free up your time to do the things you want to do or even to do more work if you choose thereby making you more productive.

If you are still concerned about how well a maid will clean your home consider the mantra ‘let everyone do what they do best’ assuming you choose a reputable maid service provider such as Finest European Maids in the area around St Petersburg cleaning will be done by professional cleaners with a great deal of skill and experience in cleaning who can offer a great range of services throughout the house.


A full clean will include cleaning of the bathroom firstly, one of the most difficult rooms to keep clean and one that can’t simply be left until you have time to clean it properly.

If you are based in Florida in the area around Clearwater cleaning service for the bathroom from Finest European Maids will include a complete clean and sanitization of the bath and shower. This includes getting into the grouting and the tracks of doors and screens where dirt and soap scum get left and where bacteria and mold form. The important thing is to clean to remove the dirt but then sanitize to remove all traces of harmful mold or bacteria; toilets as well will be left clean and sterilized.

Many residents tell us in and around Palm Harbor cleaning items so they shine is something they struggle with. Items may be clean but traces of cleaning products make mirrors, porcelain and countertops dull and streaky. The maids cleaning St Petersburg, Palm Harbor and Clearwater homes from Finest European Maids use the best cleaning products for each surface rather than making do with a generic cleaning product that isn’t perfect for anything.


Kitchens are perhaps even more important to have completely clean than bathrooms, cleaning Clearwater and surrounding areas’ kitchens is a job that our maids take very seriously and they work to the highest standards and guidelines. Again the best products for different surfaces are used, this also protects materials such as marble countertops or ceramic skinks from cleaning products that could eat away at their surfaces.

Cleaning a kitchen takes time but for residents of Palm Harbor cleaning can take as long as is needed with maids from Finest European Maids carefully organizing their work. First of all anything that needs to be soaked will be arranged such as range burners and microwave plates. Then a maid will empty cupboards so they can be completely cleaned and all traces of food removed. The same will be done with the fridge a complete deep clean with everything removed and every surface inside and out cleaned. Microwave, floors and even other appliances such as coffee makers can be cleaned and sanitized as well as chrome and stone being polished to a high shine.

Living area

Those looking to have their living rooms deep cleaned may well not realize just how much unseen dirt and dust builds up in a room where you and your family spend much of their time. Upholstery and soft furnishings are a great place for dust and dirt to collect, Clearwater cleaning service from Finest European Maids will give a much deeper clean than people can manage using a simple vacuum cleaner. Steam cleaning, extendable dusters as well as industrial strength vacuum cleaners are available to maids to pick up the dust and dirt not just on the surface of carpets and upholstery but that are stuck deep down in underlay and padding where dirt such as crumbs of food are a perfect place for bacteria bought in on shoes and feet to breed.

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