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How to Fresh you Bathroom

If you would like not to get too bored while cleaning your bathrooms, it is better to follow with this order through the bathroom cleanup process. Remember that similar approach can used to any areas of home or housekeeping. We also are trying concentrate one the purely natural green cleaning products.

1. Begin with the curtains. Get rid of the curtains, soak them in soapy liquid and leave them for a while.
2. Then, collect all kinds of bottles, jars and brushes and add every one of them in a large bowl.
3. Using the bath detergent composition to the surface sinks. This can be a special powder, or basically diluted to the state of toothpaste washing powder. You’ll be able to prepare yourself your own solution by putting a baking or washing soda with soap. Leave the top bath tab like that for a 30 minutes with no cleaning it up.
4. Pour the same solution we used to wash bath tab inside of the toilet bowl. Then for some time.
5. Taking care of mirrors and shelves.
6. Now wash off with washing liquid tubs and sinks. For Bath and sink is easier to work with a nylon brush or sponge.
7. Clean the bathroom . bowl by brushing inside, then wash off the outside the washing solution and erase it clean.
8. Taking care of a floor.
9. Finally place all the bottles in places they belong.
10. Rinse the curtains and hang them

A handful number of details.
If your tub is very dirty, then adding the liquid ammonia to the washing solution will help a good deal. Let it rest no less than 10 minutes, then rinse.

For any very old dirty spots apply another solution of 5 ounces of kerosene blended with 1 ounce of liquid soap

In case your tub is not really white color anymore and appears a little bit yellowish, apply a blend of bleach slightly diluted with water and leave for some time.

Traces of decay from bath tubs and sinks is easy to remove by vinegar
And a handful of words about cleanup the Toilet area.
First of all, it’s preferable to clean the bathroom area daily.
Toilet bowl has to be cleaned with all the brash applying detergent
Seat should also be cleaned daily with water and soap then wiped dry
The rest room floor needs to be washed well with water and soap and then disinfected by having a solution of ammonium chloride and liquid soap

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How You Can Clean Your Home In A Rush

Home cleaning might be a challenge when your friends are  coming, and your home is a real chaos? Relax. Below are a couple of ideas from from the Accidental Housewife, and you’ll make use of a neat, party-ready place very quickly.


First Step: Take away the baskets. It’s OK to cover stuff in plain sight (i.e., magazines within the basket near the sofa, remote controls within the basket near the coffee table). It’s a trick Edelman calls “reshifting,” and it’ll not just help your house be look organized but in addition ensure that you’ll be able to find key things later.


Pretty within the clutter. Got junk everywhere? Convert it into a decorative element-stack books flat or even more minimizing on tables and floor (very bookish London flat!), put cooking items within the cheerful water pitcher, fan out magazines within the fun way in regards to the coffee table.


Bathroom. Remove disinfectant baby baby baby wipes and rapidly clean the important thing factor surfaces. For the toilet bowl, drop a few effervescent pills (like Alka-Seltzer) or pour a can of soda in to the bowl allow it to fizz for 25 minutes, then flush.


Vacuuming.  Sorry, but vacuum cleaning is essential. Just use the vacuum rapidly while using house. It’ll get little products of paper and grime making your home look more clean and polished instantly.

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