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Cleaning The Home The Green DIY Way

Cleaning The Home The Green DIY WayIf you’re a person who is not only environmentally conscientious, but also one who likes to Do It Yourself or DIY, there are ways to keep your home clean using your own products made from regular things around the house.

First of all you’ll be tackling the two tough rooms. The kitchen and the bathroom. If you have kids and there’s a room designated for play, that can be a major challenge too. Pets add additional wear and tear so you’ll need a cleaner that can really get in there and pull up that grime and disinfect.

Believe it or not, good old fashioned vinegar and water can get you a long way. Add some eco friendly soap and you’ll be in business. Even baking soda comes in handy and in the right combinations will do the job as good as if ot better than the higher priced store bought items.

Vinegar, water, and eco friendly liquid soap is great for the kitchen. With a spray bottle, bucket and mop, you’ll do dirt so much damage that your head will spin. You can clean tile, wood, metal, plastic, and other kitchen surfaces and cause no harm. A clean cloth or microfiber cloth and you’ll be good to go.

For the tough jobs there’s the addition of baking soda. A bathroom can get a great cleaning adding baking soda to water, soap, and borax.

Baking soda and liquid soap should be mixed to a nice paste then add some water but not too much and you’re good.

For sprays you can use either water and vinegar which works great on glass and polished metal.

Home cleaning can mean green cleaning if you just stick to the basics and approach your regular cleaning the same way.

There are also tutorials on how to make more products for the home using products readily available in your cabinets or at the store. You can look for comingations that might work on other products eve outside like swimming pools, kids swing sets, bar-b-ques, even washing the walls of the house. All eco friendly with means you’ll be home cleaning and green cleaning in one stroke.

Tools can also be cleaned with these products and you might be surprised at how well it does. The home garage is a place that is a spotlight for home cleaning. A DIY solution can get that dust and grime out in no time.

It’s not a big thing to use these kinds of products and just a bit of study will get you started.
Now, in addition to the basics mentioned above, you can add essential oils to your mixtures and really see them pack a wallop. Tea tree oil is one of nature’s finest products. A little bit of tea tree oil with some warm water and liquid soap is a disinfectant that you just can’t beat. Smells good too.

Another great essential oil is peppermint. Not only does it smell good but it will both disinfectant. Lavender is another essential oil goodie. Head to a store that has these oils and ask around to see what can be applicable. They’re just as good a disinfectant as the stuff you buy in the stores.

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