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Natural cleaning products prove to be better for the environment and your family

Clearwater cleaning services All those constantly new and improved cleaning products advertised on TV and filling supermarket shelves, and quite possibly the cupboard under your sink: are they really necessary? Through the scent that has been added you can still smell the fumes of noxious chemicals and bleach: they certainly aren’t good for the environment and a lot of what you use does get washed down the drain. If these cleaning products aren’t good for the environment you also have to ask whether they are really good for you and your family when they get left on your worktops, floors and other surfaces.

Clearwater cleaning services are a professional cleaning company and they don’t use these chemical based cleaning products unless they really have to. You would be amazed perhaps then just how much Clearwater cleaning services can do with some vinegar, lemon juice and some baking powder. All these ingredients are edible and of course harmless to the environment. Making a sandwich on a worktop cleaned with lemon juice is going to mean that slight flavor from residue after cleaning is a lot more pleasant than when food picks up that slightly chemically taste from the worktop spray you normally use.

Lemon Juice and Vinegar are importantly antiseptic so they kill germs, they may not kill as many bugs as some anti bacterial cleaners but, as doctors now advise, an environment that is too clean is actually bad for us. No bacteria, especially for children, means we build up no immune system and are more at risk of catching serious germs and being badly affected by them.

The acid in vinegar or lemon juice does much more than just killing germs however and are important weapons in theClearwater cleaning services Clearwater cleaning services arsenal. Lemon Juice is great for polishing and getting rid of stains on some metals including copper and brass and also stains on clothes and fabrics. Lemon juice also deodorizes of course so is great for cleaning bins and cleaning worktops and chopping boards that have been used for things such as fish.

Vinegar is particularly used by Clearwater cleaning services when they clean bathrooms. Vinegar is better than almost any commercial cleaning product for removing soap scum from around taps and in the bath. Though the smell of the vinegar isn’t as pleasant as the lemon it is a lot better than bleach or other products that make your eyes go red and get into your lungs making it hard to breath. Vinegar in the bathroom and the kitchen can even get rid of those mould and mildew stains on sealant and grouting that you thought would never go, there’s also the fact of course that vinegar is cheap so you don’t have to watch how much you use that can also make things easier.

Clearwater cleaning services also find Baking Soda very useful, unlike vinegar or lemon juice doesn’t deodorize by over-powering other smells but it actually absorbs odor. Using baking soda in the fridge will collect up all those smells that intermingle and create a bit of a stink: this can also stop strong foods like cheese contaminating the taste of others. Baking soda is great for removing stains as well though and also burnt on and caked on grease and food making it perfect for cleaning your oven.

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The bits of cleaning your home that need a little extra time


Though you may be house proud there are some bits of cleaning that just get left, many of them are too time consuming or too difficult to do without extra equipment. In the time some jobs that will be barely noticed by others take, you could clean an entire room, but these jobs are ones you will still be aware of and ones that do need doing eventually. Many of these jobs are best done by a cleaning service as otherwise the time taken seems barely worthwhile and is difficult to fit into ones schedule, this simply means they get left and get worse: with bathtubs especially the longer left the worse the job becomes and so rather than assuming you will find time it may be best to get a cleaning service in straight away.


One of these jobs best done by a cleaning service is deep cleaning carpets, carpets with underlay won’t be completely cleaned with a vacuum: especially if you have floorboards over a crawl space. If your vacuum cleaner can’t make a vacuum then not all dirt will be sucked up: dirt and bacteria seep down into your carpet’s base and underlay: killing this bacteria that can otherwise cause odors requires a steam cleaner, that steam cleaner must be powerful enough to get down deep but hot enough that it will kill bacteria and so that the carpet will dry quickly.


Another job that seems to take an eternity is dusting the tops of the books in your library and elsewhere. Books may be associated with dust but wherever dust is it is bad for health and doesn’t look good either. If all books were soft bound and the same size the job would be easier but even then it is difficult to remove rather than just move around the dust. Rather than rushing the job it may be worth getting a cleaning service in to do the job for you.


Cleaning the bath tub is a job that should either be done every time it is used or will get to the point where it will take hours. What often happens with baths is that the grease and lime scale that build up on them is simply bleached: this is all many bath cleaning products do in fact but the dirt and bacteria is still there and will quickly show up again. To remove grease and lime scale from a bath tub there is no alternative to hard work, for someone at least.


Polishing brass is another job that to do properly takes time, brass will tarnish quickly at first but then can take much longer before becoming very dirty. Of course the more items are used and handled the more often they must be polished. As for silverware, cutlery and kitchenware need to be polished every time they are used: it is very tempting to put them away and polish them before next using them but the job is much easier if done straight away.


Oven cleaning is one of the least pleasant and most time consuming jobs. As the oven can’t be moved you have to move yourself to its level meaning the work is particularly good for getting a sore back; an oven’s shelves can be soaked sadly the oven itself cannot be treated in the same way. A maid cleaning service can send along someone with experience cleaning ovens and all the best products to remove baked on grime.


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