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Tips on Getting Rid of Your Yearly Holiday Mess

Tips on Getting Rid of Your Yearly Holiday MessWe’re all well aware as to how exciting Christmas can be, even if you’re an adult! It might be the snow or it might just be the fact that everybody is in a giving mood, but Christmas is definitely one of those days that people love to see roll around on the calendar. It’s all fun and games when you’re actually opening up the presents, but what happens when everybody is gone and you’re left with all of the trash? There’s going to be gift wrapping paper and chocolate covers all over the place, but that’s completely fine since you’re reading this article. We’re going to talk about a few of the things you can of in order to clear up the mess quicker than you normally would, after all, it is Christmas (or at least was)!

You’ll always feel like cleaning up after everyone else is boring and time-consuming, but not when you make use of our tips! Soak them up and make sure you apply them as often as you can, odds are it will help out immensely.

  1. Pile up your laundry – Making a laundry pile will allow you to see what needs to be washed and what can just been thrown into the load as well. Take the tags off of any new pieces of clothing and decide whether or not they need to be washed, this will make sure your children or loved ones actually put the clothes in their dresser after all is said and done.
  2. Take everything out of the box ASAP – Removing items from their boxes not only clears up space in the house, but it also cuts down on the amount of garbage you’ll need to deal with further down the road.
  3. Make piles/groups of items for specific rooms – This will allow you to distribute the gifts throughout the house in a timely manner, as opposed to just letting them sit around until somebody comes up and claims them. Books would go into a bookshelf piles, pants would go into a pants pile, etc!
  4. Have your family help – Cleaning isn’t just a one person job, the more bodies you have around to help you out the better. Make sure your family is willing to help you get the house clean after the holidays, because they’re going to be living in it as well.

Image credit: Martina Osmy

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