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Keeping your carpets clean with regular cleaning

With all elements of house cleaning in every room as you clean dirt, dust and grime will, despite your best efforts fall downwards eventually ending up on the floor. You may use a duster and try to collect all dust but some will inevitably drift away. Crumbs and bits of food from surfaces in your kitchen and dining room you may try to collect with a cloth or dustpan but again some mess will always end up on the floor. This is why when doing your house cleaning cleaning your floors is the most important job.

With tiles, wood and laminate floors cleaning them is relatively easy, though sometimes some scrubbing may be needed. With carpets trying to scrub can cause damage and it isn’t as simple as sweeping or vacuuming to get up all signs of dirt.

Vacuum cleaning is important though and it is important to do it regularly to save you work long term. If you are cleaning rooms including wiping sides and dinging tables make sure that when you finish you always vacuum. Leaving dirt on the carpet will simply allow it to drift down into the carpet and get walked in.

If any food is left on your carpet problems may well be worse and staining and odor may be difficult to remove once left.

What about when your carpet is getting very dirty though, it might look a little grubby or it could be that it smells far from fresh.

In either case a steam clean is going to be your first option, steam cleaning kills bacteria and loosens dirt, allowing small particles to then be vacuumed, steam can also get rid of general stains and tarnish, though may not always get up more stubborn stains. For house cleaning in general a steam cleaner is hugely useful and is an investment worth considering, though they are also available to hire or you may well have a friend who will lend one to you for your home cleaning.

If you drop something on your carpet it can be a nightmare, you of course should act quickly but this may not be enough, its also often at the worst times, such as when you have guests over for dinner, that stains occur and though you’d like to drop everything and get down on your hand s and knees an start scrubbing you can’t.

How to deal with a stain depends on the type of stain, for liquids such as wine and juice soaking up the moisture is important, if the moisture is soaked up before it can dry completely then there should be little staining. Use salt or soda crystals to soak up liquids but remove them and replace them several times in quick succession rather than letting the liquid dry within the slat crystals still on your carpet.

With oil and food stains where the substance is oily the problem is oil clings and holds the stain with it. Although soap or washing up liquid can help Swarfega or other degreasers generally used in garages and auto-shops are useful to have around the home for house cleaning and take the grease and the stain right out of a carpet, as well as clothes and table clothes, ideally used before the oil dries on but even if a stain has gone unnoticed and been left.


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Post School Holiday House Cleaning

In the summer it is tough to keep up with house cleaning if you have children at home that are constantly creating mess and taking up your time. When children come to go back to school though it is time to get your home back in order, however this can take time and can be as intensive as a spring clean as you get everything back where it belongs and try and get children’s rooms back to some semblance of organization.

If you try to get your house cleaning done just before the children go back to school you may think you’ll have it done and out of the way so when the children are in school again you can get back to your normal daily routine. You may even think that your children, bored as they can be towards the end of the holidays, may want to help you or be able to tidy their own rooms. One problem of course is that you get something tidy and it could easily be back to messy again as soon as you turn your back.

If you get your children to help tidy their rooms though it can sometimes be more effort than just waiting until they return to school and doing it yourself. Children have a tendency while tidying to want to play with everything they come across, they also often find toys and games they forgot they had and so start actually getting out things that were put away: and if not while your helping them tidy their rooms then they may decide to do this afterwards. Leave your children to it to tidy their rooms without your help and progress is often slow, how they put items away can often be inefficient and it can be advantageous for you to know where they are putting things, partly in case they forget.

Also it is good to clean as you tidy with children’s rooms, as with any part of your house cleaning, thereby not just putting things away but making sure they are put away clean. Items and surfaces can be dusted, and disinfected if needed, clothes can be organized and dirty washing taken away, you may also want to pack away some summer clothes.

Doing house cleaning jobs including children’s rooms yourself once they are out of the way can be less stressful if you are going to have the spare time during the day, though one disadvantage is that children coming home from school and finding their rooms tidied often seem to want the one thing you have put away in the wrong place and so proceed to tear the place apart looking for it.

Of course in some cases the toys, games or other possessions they are looking for can’t be found as they are gone, one very real advantage of doing post school holiday house cleaning with the children in school is you can throw old items away that you think they no longer need or use without them being able to object: just keep items stored away somewhere such as the loft for a while just in case they are more attached than you realize and do want something back, often though after a few months when they haven’t asked you where something is this is good enough proof that they won’t miss it.

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Outsourcing Cleaning and Janitorial to a Local Cleaning Company

If you do your cleaning internally, either with a dedicated member of staff or using your other staff you are almost certainly wasting resources when you could outsource your cleaning functions as well as other janitorial and maintenance work to a maid service or similar.

If you are having cleaning done by your other staff you are going to be taking up time when they could be focusing on their core jobs that are what create value for your business, so don’t just think of the cost of the wages of those staff, who may well be paid more than the hourly rate for a maid service anyway, it is also costing you the value of the work they would produce.

If you have a dedicated cleaner you are also probably wasting money though, it may seem on the face of it that the hourly rate you pay a cleaner is less than you would pay a maid service but there are extra costs. For a start how about the extra payroll costs, you may be paying for various benefits that you give to all employees even if they work a few hours each week including holiday pay and sick pay.

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