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Tips To Keep Your Home & Office Clean

Importance of Having a Clean EnvironmentA cluttered office environment will lower your employees’ productivity and effectiveness. It will create a feeling of working in a chaotic and stressful environment for workers. Just like that, keeping your home neat and clean will enhance your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Many overlook cleaning tasks easily, but having a clean environment is truly important because it keeps your business successful and also leads you to live a healthy life. This article elaborates on the reasons you should consider hiring a professional cleaning maid.

Importance of Having a Clean Environment
Keeping a clean environment is crucial, whether at home or in business. It is because keeping your workplace or home clean offers tangible benefits for everyone involved—staff, business owners, and homeowners. It offers you the freedom to give the clean-up to someone else while also giving you peace of mind that your house or place of business is well-maintained and thoroughly sanitized.

Without daily cleaning, your home or office may become a haven for germs and bacteria. Additionally, having a clean environment in your office or home is important for many other reasons.

  • Getting rid of clutter lessens stress at work and makes you feel more confident.
  • Making the environment clean encourages people to feel good or have positive attitudes.
  • In a clean environment, you may complete more work in less time.

Let’s take a look at some cleaning tips to help you keep your home and office clean and organized.

Tips for Keeping a Clean Home

  1. Vacuum all carpets at least once a week.
  2. Dust furniture every 2-3 days or use damp cloths as needed.
  3. Use an effective shower cleaner regularly to prevent the build-up of mold and mildew in the bathroom areas.
  4. Wipe down kitchen surfaces after preparing meals and keep the countertops clean and organized.
  5. Clear away debris promptly with the aid of piles of clothes or garbage bags to prevent clutter from accumulating in living spaces.
  6. Make sure windows and other glass surfaces are cleaned weekly to ensure no dust or dirt is present.

Tips for Keeping Your Office Clean

  1. Make it a habit to clean up regularly. This could mean vacuuming or mopping once a week, dusting surfaces twice a week, etc.
  2. Use natural cleaners where possible; these are usually more effective than chemicals in killing germs and protecting the environment.
  3. Letting in plenty of sunlight can naturally reduce bacteria that would otherwise accumulate in dark corners.
  4. Buy hypoallergenic products if anyone in the house has allergies or asthma triggers.
  5. People often touch surfaces, such as doorknobs, countertops, handles, and switch plates.

Cleaning those areas with a disinfectant solution or wipes is a must.

Why Should You Consider Hiring a Professional Maid for Cleaning?
Professional cleaning maids offer several advantages, from freeing up time to providing more thorough and detail-oriented cleaning. Their experience, personalized cleaning plans, and reliable scheduling will benefit you. They can also take care of special tasks, such as deep-cleaning carpets and upholstery.

In comparison to cleaning on your own, hiring the services of Finest European Maids offers better value for money and expert cleaning advice. If you live in the Clearwater, FL, area, consider investing in the services of a licensed and insured professional maid.

Whether you live in an apartment or a big home or use your office space, having clean and organized surrounding will make you feel better and improves your productivity. Utilizing a professional service like European Maids will be the best way to address the cleaning issue in a cost-effective and efficient way.

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Best Tools For Grout Cleaning

Tools and Products For Effective Grout CleaningTinged grout with grey can make the most well-designed rooms look as if they haven’t been tended for ages. However, when you are prepared to clean them using the most efficient cleaning tools, you can easily tackle the dingy-looking grouts. Below we have discussed some easy-to-use grout-cleaning tools and products along with easy-to-implement instructions to make and use natural DIY grout cleaners.

You might be knowing that grout being porous ends up drying out and crumbling. To avoid such situations, you need to carry out a spot test before using any tools, methods, or products.

Tools and Products For Effective Grout Cleaning
Home cleaning needs time and the right tools that are not only handy but do not harm you or the environment. Below we have discussed some important yet effective grout cleaning tools and solutions.


  • Grout Cleaning Brush
  • Old Toothbrush
  • Small Chisel Tool (Inexpensive plastic hand tool that saves time)
  • Steamer (Effective in brightening grout)

Although you may opt to buy an expensive heavy-duty grout cleaner or a special pen, you would be surprised to know that you can make a solution yourself. Preferably start small and then clean the hard hitters as most homemade cleaners are milder. Some DIY products you may prepare yourself are:

Water and Vinegar
Mix one part vinegar with one part water inside a spray bottle. This is all you need to start cleaning. You should avoid using this for stone walls, tiles, or floors in the bathroom or shower.

Liquid Detergent and Baking Soda
Make a paste by mixing half a cup of baking soda with a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. Mix it well and you may add additional dishwashing liquid if the paste starts drying out.

Water and Baking Soda
Instead of detergent, you may also mix 2 parts of baking soda with 1 part of water to make a paste. However, you should know the cleaners that shouldn’t be mixed when switching over to stronger commercial cleaners or products.

Steps To Clean The Grout
Home cleaning becomes less stressful when you have the right tools and adopt the perfect approach. You should follow the instructions below to use the above DIY cleaning solutions effectively.

Apply The Preferred DIY Cleaner On The Grout
After applying, let the solution sit for at least 30 minutes. If you opted for a baking soda cleaner, you may only wait for 10 to 15 minutes. Scrub the grout lines gently using the grout cleaning brush, chisel tool, or toothbrush. Once cleaned, rinse with water. In case the grout still looks dingy, you should try cleaning with a more intensive grout-cleaning solution.

However, before you switch to another product or cleaner, ensure you have the knowledge about which cleaners should never be mixed. Perform the same process as discussed above using a stronger cleaner and you should easily remove any grout that might have stayed behind.

Although the above steps are easy to implement and you can do grout cleaning yourself, most of us do not have time or the right solutions. Hence, it is advised to hire home cleaning professionals to do the task effectively. You not only save time but also stay away from any stress related to the cleaning activity.

In case you are in search of a professional home cleaning agency in Clearwater, FL, consult European Maids. They offer licensed and well-trained cleaning professionals who are equipped with the most advanced yet safe cleaning solutions.

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Outsourcing Cleaning and Janitorial to a Local Cleaning Company

If you do your cleaning internally, either with a dedicated member of staff or using your other staff you are almost certainly wasting resources when you could outsource your cleaning functions as well as other janitorial and maintenance work to a maid service or similar.

If you are having cleaning done by your other staff you are going to be taking up time when they could be focusing on their core jobs that are what create value for your business, so don’t just think of the cost of the wages of those staff, who may well be paid more than the hourly rate for a maid service anyway, it is also costing you the value of the work they would produce.

If you have a dedicated cleaner you are also probably wasting money though, it may seem on the face of it that the hourly rate you pay a cleaner is less than you would pay a maid service but there are extra costs. For a start how about the extra payroll costs, you may be paying for various benefits that you give to all employees even if they work a few hours each week including holiday pay and sick pay.

read more …

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The bits of cleaning your home that need a little extra time


Though you may be house proud there are some bits of cleaning that just get left, many of them are too time consuming or too difficult to do without extra equipment. In the time some jobs that will be barely noticed by others take, you could clean an entire room, but these jobs are ones you will still be aware of and ones that do need doing eventually. Many of these jobs are best done by a cleaning service as otherwise the time taken seems barely worthwhile and is difficult to fit into ones schedule, this simply means they get left and get worse: with bathtubs especially the longer left the worse the job becomes and so rather than assuming you will find time it may be best to get a cleaning service in straight away.


One of these jobs best done by a cleaning service is deep cleaning carpets, carpets with underlay won’t be completely cleaned with a vacuum: especially if you have floorboards over a crawl space. If your vacuum cleaner can’t make a vacuum then not all dirt will be sucked up: dirt and bacteria seep down into your carpet’s base and underlay: killing this bacteria that can otherwise cause odors requires a steam cleaner, that steam cleaner must be powerful enough to get down deep but hot enough that it will kill bacteria and so that the carpet will dry quickly.


Another job that seems to take an eternity is dusting the tops of the books in your library and elsewhere. Books may be associated with dust but wherever dust is it is bad for health and doesn’t look good either. If all books were soft bound and the same size the job would be easier but even then it is difficult to remove rather than just move around the dust. Rather than rushing the job it may be worth getting a cleaning service in to do the job for you.


Cleaning the bath tub is a job that should either be done every time it is used or will get to the point where it will take hours. What often happens with baths is that the grease and lime scale that build up on them is simply bleached: this is all many bath cleaning products do in fact but the dirt and bacteria is still there and will quickly show up again. To remove grease and lime scale from a bath tub there is no alternative to hard work, for someone at least.


Polishing brass is another job that to do properly takes time, brass will tarnish quickly at first but then can take much longer before becoming very dirty. Of course the more items are used and handled the more often they must be polished. As for silverware, cutlery and kitchenware need to be polished every time they are used: it is very tempting to put them away and polish them before next using them but the job is much easier if done straight away.


Oven cleaning is one of the least pleasant and most time consuming jobs. As the oven can’t be moved you have to move yourself to its level meaning the work is particularly good for getting a sore back; an oven’s shelves can be soaked sadly the oven itself cannot be treated in the same way. A maid cleaning service can send along someone with experience cleaning ovens and all the best products to remove baked on grime.


Call Fines European Maids ( at  (727) 539-7292 for a free estimate of home, house cleaning and maid services in Clearwater, Palm Harbor, St Petersburg Florida

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Why it is Important to keep your House clean?

Houses are built for us to live in or to have a place to welcome our visitors. It is where we feel comfortable and at home. However, why is housekeeping or cleaning the house necessary? Why would you spend some time and money just to keep your house clean?

When a person owns a house, its major maintenance is housekeeping. It is important to keep our house clean for several of reasons. First, a dirty and messy house can invite insects such as bugs, cockroaches, and ants. Nobody would want to live with such insects in their house.  Second, it is embarrassing to invite friends or guests if your house is untidy. This usually gives a bad impression to your guests. How you take care of your property, including the house you live in, reflects your personality. Third, keeping the house clean would make every person living in it, healthy. Good sanitization is emphasized everywhere, this should be vital in households too. It would be more expensive to spend money for hospitalization caused by sickness or illness.

Most of us have limited time to do house cleaning during the day or week. Some people are too lazy to learn or do not know how to clean. Others are hesitant to just do it. Whatever reason a person has, house cleaning is as essential as living or eating every day. There are certain people who are stern and meticulous when it comes to cleanliness. That person would have to have everything tidy and organized. Not even a single spot or dust flickering on anything in the house.

With our busy lives, most of us do not have the time to devote in housekeeping. Therefore, some hire housekeepers or house maid services to do the tasks. Someone’s house does not need to be as perfectly tidy as a hotel suite; however, it definitely requires regular cleaning for maintenance. A person can search and contact a company that offers affordable maid services. Once you have chosen and hired a housekeeper, you can then create a house cleaning check list the housekeeper can follow. It will come handy. Home maid services would certainly give your house a good makeover.

Maid services are on-demand professional services these days. Expert housekeepers are available for hire or when in need. These maid services are usually availed by those busy people who do not have time to do house cleaning themselves. It is a practical facility to get if a person wants to save time and energy.

The housework obligations can vary from one household to the other. Those who can afford hiring housekeeping professionals can either pay them part time or full time. The housekeeper’s responsibilities are cleaning all the rooms in the house, making sure that everything is organized or arranged, washing dishes, cleaning the furniture, watering plants, and cleaning all areas in the house. They can also answer the phone and welcome visitors if necessary. Other home maid services also include cooking and maintaining the kitchen. Depending on the household, housekeepers does not have to do the cooking since a cook can be hired separately or there are those who likes to cook themselves.


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How to Outsource Your Home or Office Cleaning

Most working and busy people do not have time to clean their house. These people prefer hiring professional house cleaners rather than doing the task themselves. More and more people are hiring companies offering home cleaning in Clearwater FL. There are several advantages in hiring such companies. The prices are reasonable and the people who would clean the house are well-trained and highly experienced in doing the task. Also, house cleaners are remarkably fast in cleaning and often do the job during office hours.

Finding the perfect company for a person is not particularly easy. There are numerous companies offering house cleaning in a city. You need to be extremely careful in selecting the right company. It is not hard to find when you know what you want from the company.

In searching for a company providing home cleaning in Pinellas county, you need to look at the various criteria before committing to a company. You should go for those companies employing full-time workers when looking a company to do long term business partnership. These companies provide replacement personnel for a cleaning crew when such is unable to come for the home cleaning schedule. Also, select a company that sends out two or more insured crew to your house. For a regular-sized house, two home cleaners to perform the task will remarkably cut the cleaning time. Moreover, never hire a company whose policy state to use your vacuum cleaner and cleaning products. Such policy is impractical because you are not a cleaning expert and does not know the appropriate chemicals to use, and a regular house vacuum is less powerful compared to vacuum of a home cleaning company. Finally, consider a company that provides a vehicle for its personnel. Having a vehicle for its personnel to drive, the cleaning crew will arrive on you house on time.

Once criteria are established, you can start researching for home cleaning in Clearwater, Palm Harbor or St Petersburg FL. Several companies are available in the local-business directory. However, do not commit to the first company that you find appealing. Evaluate as many options as possible comparing them based on prices and product/service presentation. It is best to call their local office and discuss in details the service they offer. Details are extremely necessary, such as booking, prices, number of crews, and mode of payment.

Price is an extremely valuable criterion in selecting the right company. The price that the company offers should be something within the budget. It is necessary to compare the prices offered by several companies. Make sure that you take the service of a company with the most reasonable price. Some companies may have a lower price than others, but you must do your math properly. For example, company A offers a price of $60 for the entire job, while company B offers $20 per hour for the same job with an estimated completion time of at least 4 hours. At first glance, company A’s offer looks high, but when computed, it is the offer of company B, which is unfavorable.

Searching for a professional company providing home cleaning will become an easy task when you consider all established criteria. You can also ask referrals from your friends about the company they hire for home cleaning. Personal testimonials are the best source of information, but when there’s none, you can search the Internet for companies with excellent reviews.


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