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Spring Cleaning The Smart Way

Spring Cleaning The Smart WayEveryone loves Spring Cleaning….not!

It’s that time of year when we have to do a thorough inside and outside cleaning to get rid of the stacked up dirt and grime and weather damage of the winter.  Folks who live in the winter states undertake this traditional activity and it’s a job that includes the entire family.

To get the job done calls for planning and getting the right materials from the start.  No nee d using the same worn out brooms, mops, sponges, and rags you’ve used the past year, no, you need to get new materials and plan things accordingly.

Pets get older during the winter months and we can’t always keep up with them. Same goes for the children.  There might be hidden spots where toys, food, dragged in critters by the cat, can get stashed and cause damage.

First of all, get the new brooms, bags, cleaning solutions.  Look for any new products available that are good and safe.  Often companies will upgrade their products or new products will hit the shelves.  Using the tried and true solutions like vinegar and ammonia and so on from brands you trust are the foundation of your assault on the dirt and grime.

Vacuum cleaners have to be cleaned from head to nozzle.  Filters must be fresh and clean.  Same goes for steam cleaners.  Get the ones that have the right temperatures.  You’ll need to be able to get rid of things like flea eggs and other insects and their leavings.  Many steam cleaners can reach temps of over 200 degrees and that should be more than efficient.

Home cleaning might call for hiring a professional.  There are many services available for this and these companies specialize in not only cleaning the home or office.  They’ll lay down a battle plan with you to ensure you get the deep home cleaning without damaging your home and possessions.  Actually, you can do a good job of cleaning yourself and then have the cleaning company come in to mop things out.

Spring cleaning needs not be some daunting task that is rife with misery and woe. It can be a real family fun time and teach the kids about responsibility and get them prepared in life for living a clean life further on.  With mom and dad pitching in, the kids will see how important working as a team can be.  One might even put some pet socks on the dog that have become popular and have the critter walk around helping to sweep the linoleum.

Once you’ve done the cleaning take pictures to see how well you’ve done.  Actually, take pics and video from beginning to end.  This will keep a record of what was done and can be used for reference later.

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Cleaning Carpets The Right Way Means Going Deep

Cleaning Carpets The Right Way Means Going DeepCarpeting is still a major part of the home or office and keeping the carpets clean means you’ll need to do a little more than you might be used to.

First of all, carpets aren’t like linoleum, hardwood, or flat surface flooring. You know that already but far too many people take care of their carpets as though they are and that’s not a good thing.

Think of carpeting like your dog or cat’s fur.  It’s deep rooted and needs to be be cleaned not only at the surface but at the base or the roots.  A vacuum cleaner is the tool of choice, but if you don’t do deep cleaning you’re defeating the purpose. The reason for this is because dirt, particles, and those nasty allergens, get in deep and a simple passing over with a vacuum cleaner just won’t do the trick.  It’s sort of like farming.  You look at the area you need to tend to and apply the maintenance you need to get the optimum effect.

To do this, you need to look at where the high traffic areas are.  What areas do the kids and pets favor?  Open windows nearby?  These are the areas that you need to do the most vacuuming on.  Don’t just give them a simple two or three passes, go for broke and set the vacuum for the deep carpet cleaning and pass over the areas around 12 times.  This will ensure that the dirt and other particles are lifted up.

One needs to do this at least once a week.  The longer you wait, the more particulates accumulate and can cause trouble.  A good vacuum cleaner should have settings for deep cleaning and in those areas along baseboards and walls, the extensions that come along with the vacuum come in hand and should be used.

Timing is important.  If the family gathers in the den or playroom on Saturdays for those movie nights, then it’s best to clean up right after or the next day.  Same goes for holidays as there is more traffic and often packaging like presents opened can leave materials that can get ground into the carpet.

A regular schedule of cleaning can keep your carpeting in great shape and prevent damage to the underlying floor  and prevent discoloring.  Shampooing the carpet is important too and using just the right solutions is paramount.  This should be done at least once a month but no more than that as it could damage the carpet.

Overall, a simple and smart maintenance of your carpeting can make it last for years.

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