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Clean your home after hosting the Thanksgiving

House cleaningWhen you are done with hosting the Thanksgiving, after escorting the last guest out through the door, you are left with a world of untidy things to deal with. After the gathering has withdrawn, it is you who are left with the ultimate mess created of your home. You need to take a deep breath and start with the home cleaning. You are to clean the table and the plates that have piled up forming mountains, the sofa that has successfully managed to gather stains of various sizes, the carpet that is full of food particles, dust and what not! But this year it will not be much of a problem to deal with the task of cleanliness as you have remained organized from the very beginning.

Making use of disposable dishes is a convenient option, but that does not always sound good. When it is the more sophisticated way you choose in making use of the ceramic, traditional glass, and cutlery, you need to go for the huge plastic tub. The plastic tub must be deep so that it can hold few layers of plates along with the bowls and glasses and cutlery. The tub will help you to carry the dishes from the table to the sink. It is good if the tub fits into the sink and if it does not it can serve as a good transport system as well during the home cleaning.

Kitchen is another place that you need to deal with patience. It is the place where you spend most of your time and it needs to be made squeaky clean as soon as possible. The sight of piled up dishes, crumpled up tissues, food spilled all over could just be horrific, especially when it took you so long to get the kitchen ready for your guests! The cleaning of kitchen forms the most important part in an after Thanksgiving home cleaning. This is the place where you have to pretend to yourself that you are done with the task of washing. The most useful thing you could is to have the dishwasher ready when you are about to start the cooking, so that when it gets full, you can run it. When you are done with cleaning the dishes, wash the counter tops.

Bathroom is another place that needs thorough after Thanksgiving home cleaning. You need to start with wiping out the tiles and washing the floor. The towels need to be taken out for getting them thoroughly washed. The most important thing that should be done is to use a disinfectant to keep it hygienic as before. The complete process will not take much time as the cleaning was not done very long ago.

Finally, the living room enters the list of home cleaning. You are done with the hectic part of the task and this room will not take much time. You just need to dust the objects again and wipe the places where necessary, following a vacuum cleaning completes the task for you.

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