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Defending Against Germs With Proper Home Cleaning

Defending Against Germs With Proper Home CleaningIn today’s world of measles outbreaks, ebola, and the flu, it’s never been more emphasized on how one can defend oneself and one’s household with the proper home cleaning that everyone should partake in.cle

Amazingly, it doesn’t call for an industrial strength effort to make the home germ and bacteria free. Just following the most simple of steps with the right materials can limit drastically the foothold that these pathogens can gain.

Remember, the germs, bacteria, and viruses that get into the house often come from the outside. Humans, pets, even a breeze can deposit active pathogens on the surfaces of common objects just waiting to be picked up or carried to unsuspecting family members an guests. The same routines outlined here could also be applied to the office.

First of all look around at the surfaces that people touch the most. Doorknobs, television remotes, counter surfaces, computer keyboards and any objects that the people inside would share like broom handles, tools, and utensils. Using a simple spray solution and a clean cloth or sponge should do the trick in most cases. Keeping surfaces wiped down a minimum of twice a day and more active surfaces and objects more regularly. Some people use the old vinegar and water technique or maybe ammonia. Make sure your solution won’t damage the objects and don’t leave them out for the wee ones to get hold of. Keep things washed from bed linen spreads, to curtains and upholstery cleaned.

Use a humidifier to keep the air moist and open a window now and then to get a fresh breeze in. Don’t leave discarded clothing lying around and keep shoes in a location near the door as the Japanese do. Footwear brings in a plethora of dirt and pathogens. It’s not a common thing to do in the western world but is a good idea to adopt.

Keep pet articles in their place and clean them regularly. There’s no telling what Fido or Whiskers has been gnawing on out in the yard while you were busy with your daily routines.

Today’s smartphones can gather up a bit of microorganisms but unlike the old days of a communal phone, these devices pose a lesser threat but also should be cleaned regularly with the proper tools and solutions.

Keep a spray bottle of a good brand of disinfectant around just in case. And again, use only rags, sponges, towels that are clean.

Overall, just following these simple guidelines will defend yourself and others against the spread of most communicable diseases and make for a healthier lifestyle. Home cleaning at its best!

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Crucial Tips for Cleaning Your Kitchen!

Crucial Tips for Cleaning Your Kitchen!Having a clean kitchen isn’t a right, it’s a privilege. You need t be aware of how dirty your kitchen can get if you’re looking to have the most sanitized area of your house where you eat the food (which only makes sense, right?). Cleaning a kitchen is always nice, but giving your kitchen a very deep scrub down is a completely different story. There’s always going to be specific kinds of bacteria that can stick around if you aren’t careful, and clearly that’s a situation none of us need to be in (nor deserve to be). We’re going to go over a few techniques you can make use of in order to get your kitchen situation sorted out, but don’t think that reading them alone is going to get the job done! You’re going to have to get up and start cleaning if you really want a sanitized eating area, so don’t be lazy. The tips are going to be straightforward, so don’t expect an extravagant list (after all this is cleaning the kitchen we’re talking about here!).

You should always try and use the minimal amount of cleaning products as possible, because more isn’t exactly better in this case. The more chemicals you’re making use of, the more you’ll have to wash off when it comes to the rinsing portion of it all. You also need to focus on cleaning out your pantry, because pantries are often crowded and leave little room for new foods to be put in. Most of the time the pantry is filled with stuff you wouldn’t even eat, which is why you should be cleaning it out monthly (or even bi-monthly). Ammonia is a very powerful compound that’s used to blast away those grease stains in your kitchen, so even though its quite pungent you should always be using ammonia to de-grease everything. Dish soap will be your best friend when it comes to kitchen cleaning, because we all know what comes along with cleaning the kitchen; dishes upon dishes. There will be dishes that need to be washed and you will need to wash them, so just get it over with.

Glass shards are a very big no in any kitchen, so if you’ve broken something just bust out a piece of bread. You can use the bread to pick up the shards and make sure that nobody gets hurts! It’s a win-win situation!

Image credit: Elena Elisseeva

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