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Making Sense of “Bedroom Hygiene”

Making Sense of “Bedroom Hygiene”Cleaning your bedroom (thoroughly) the right way is a chore that is often overlooked and avoided.

Unfortunately, not properly cleaning your bedroom, specifically in the areas of your bed, pillows, and sheets can cause unwanted dirt, negative skin reactions, bacteria, and even illnesses. Below are a few outlined steps to more effectively cleaning your bedroom, as well as details explaining how often each should be done and on what timely basis.

Cleaning Your Bed

Most people look past this chore, or procrastinate and often this behavior leads to unwanted acne, breakouts, and even ticks, fleas, and dust mites. Cleaning your bed, including sheets, pillow cases, and even the mattress itself is essential to preventing unwanted germs and hosts of other illnesses.

An uncleaned mattress also collects dust and allergens, in turn setting off allergies that you may not have even knew you had!

Realistically, you should change and clean your sheets weekly, and be sanitizing and changing (flipping) your mattress every month if possible. You need to remove all items first, before attempting to clean your mattress, but it’s as simple as sprinkling baking soda, using a light cleaner with a sponge, and then airing your mattress out, outside to collect UV rays from the sun to both dry your mattress and kill unwanted germs and other bacteria.

Vacuuming in and around your bed

If possible, it’s recommended that you lightly vacuum your mattress, as well as areas around your bed on a monthly basis. This is important, since often you cannot see dusts, allergens, dirt, and other skin oils with your bare eyes that are both unhealthy for your body and poor for your sleeping conditions.

Before ‘getting down and dirty’ with your bed, linens, and the surrounding areas it’s especially important to make sure you clear all objects on, in, and around your bed so that you do not miss any dust or pollen, and so that dirt does not spread or cling onto other objects during the cleaning process!

Cleaning your Linens the Right Way

If you are not cleaning your sheets, pillow covers, and even your pillows themselves the right ways, you could be missing germs and unwanted dust and dirt.

Each fabric for the corresponding bed linens should have their own directions somewhere on a label directing you as to what type of washer and dryer settings you should use to clean them, such as temperature for example, and what will be the safest method so that you do not destroy your linens in the process.

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How To Make Home Cleaning And Holiday Cleaning Fun

How To Make Home Cleaning And Holiday Cleaning Fun Preparing for the holidays needn’t be a chore. It’s supposed to be a time of joy and fun and prepping the house for holiday revelry should be so.

First of all, don’t take things too seriously. Don’t sit around fretting about whether your guests are going to find that spot on the rug or that stain on the wall. They’re more likely to be more interested in having a time with you and your family, not acting like barracks inspectors for the drill instructor.

It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go that extra mile to make the house tidy. I fyou do expect guests of a good number and need to prep up the family room and guest rooms and such, then taking care of these areas should be easy if you’ve not neglected them for a while. Often, we’ll have that guest room or guest bath just sitting there the last time someone visited. You might not have given it a good dusting or vacuuming and you might have left some of the previous guests’ leftover belongings and tracks. Well, the first thing you do is survey the areas and predict what tools you’ll need and how much. Can you get away with a light dusting and vacuuming or will you need to go all out to get the job done.

To be on the safe side, just give the entire area or areas the once over full. Wipe down walls, cabinets, showers, toilets basins, and give the floors a good mopping as well as vacuuming any rugs. Dust will have settled on curtains, blinds and even light bulbs. A simple dusting should fix that. Test the outleets and lights to make sure they’re working and run the water for a while in the sinks and showers to flush out any backed up residue and rust.

Check for hidden treasures the pets may have hidden in small places as well as tos the kids might have left laying around. Once you’ve done all that, it’s time to hit the rest of the house and give it the once over.

Don’t do it too far in advance or the areas will just get messy again. Holidays call for lots of preparations regarding meal preps and decorations and organizing the furniture to accommodate guests. You might have to bring in more chairs or a bigger table ou’ve had sitting in the attic, basement, or the garage. If so, then you’ll have to clean them thoroughl too. Appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, stoves, and refigerators should be spotless. Toss out old food and such and make room for the holiday treats and beverages.
Keep pets in check during this time so they don’t mess up right after you’ve tidied up and the same goes for small children and clumbsy family members. If the weather outside is frightful you might have to prepare for that especially if it’s windy or wet and slushy. That outside debris and dirt will be blown in every time you open a door or window or tracked in by foot. Have a good household spray cleaner, rags and paper towels handy and place them strategically in every busy room. This way you can tackle those spills and such immediately and not let them set where the may cause permanent stains or discoloration.
Finally, get the family involved with the home cleaning and holiday cleaning. Play your favorite music, usually holiday music to brighten the atmosphere. You’ll find that such chores are fun and easier when everyone pitches in and are smiling.

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