Making Sense of “Bedroom Hygiene”

Making Sense of “Bedroom Hygiene”Cleaning your bedroom (thoroughly) the right way is a chore that is often overlooked and avoided.

Unfortunately, not properly cleaning your bedroom, specifically in the areas of your bed, pillows, and sheets can cause unwanted dirt, negative skin reactions, bacteria, and even illnesses. Below are a few outlined steps to more effectively cleaning your bedroom, as well as details explaining how often each should be done and on what timely basis.

Cleaning Your Bed

Most people look past this chore, or procrastinate and often this behavior leads to unwanted acne, breakouts, and even ticks, fleas, and dust mites. Cleaning your bed, including sheets, pillow cases, and even the mattress itself is essential to preventing unwanted germs and hosts of other illnesses.

An uncleaned mattress also collects dust and allergens, in turn setting off allergies that you may not have even knew you had!

Realistically, you should change and clean your sheets weekly, and be sanitizing and changing (flipping) your mattress every month if possible. You need to remove all items first, before attempting to clean your mattress, but it’s as simple as sprinkling baking soda, using a light cleaner with a sponge, and then airing your mattress out, outside to collect UV rays from the sun to both dry your mattress and kill unwanted germs and other bacteria.

Vacuuming in and around your bed

If possible, it’s recommended that you lightly vacuum your mattress, as well as areas around your bed on a monthly basis. This is important, since often you cannot see dusts, allergens, dirt, and other skin oils with your bare eyes that are both unhealthy for your body and poor for your sleeping conditions.

Before ‘getting down and dirty’ with your bed, linens, and the surrounding areas it’s especially important to make sure you clear all objects on, in, and around your bed so that you do not miss any dust or pollen, and so that dirt does not spread or cling onto other objects during the cleaning process!

Cleaning your Linens the Right Way

If you are not cleaning your sheets, pillow covers, and even your pillows themselves the right ways, you could be missing germs and unwanted dust and dirt.

Each fabric for the corresponding bed linens should have their own directions somewhere on a label directing you as to what type of washer and dryer settings you should use to clean them, such as temperature for example, and what will be the safest method so that you do not destroy your linens in the process.

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