A Guide to Cleaning Your Rooms Efficiently

Cleaning any room in your home should be efficient, there are other things you would rather be doing so don’t allow it to take longer than it should. Many people approach their home cleaning in a haphazard way though and don’t realize how much time they are wasting.

There are two ways to go about your home cleaning first of all, one room at a time or a few rooms at a time. Generally you will want to do your kitchen and bathrooms separately but with rooms such as bedrooms you may want to do them all at once rather than one thing at a time and you will soon see why.

To do your home cleaning in an efficient way do one thing at a time. So first of all go around and get rid of anything that has been left out, doesn’t belong in that room, is rubbish or is simply out of place. You should then have the room as it should be for your home cleaning.

It is best to do one job at a time and it makes a lot of sense to start with dusting, when you dust most of the dust actually rather than getting picked up falls down on to flat surfaces or floors, therefore start high and work down. It may help with this and other home cleaning jobs to start in one corner and then work around the outside of the room.

By doing a few rooms at once you don’t have to put down dust clothes just to get them later and the same is true when you come to polish. You may want to even split polishing up as well so that first you do wood, then metal items and so on, this way you only need to use one container of polish at once.

You may have little more to do now apart from vacuuming your carpet but also look out for any little jobs such as getting rid of cobwebs, cleaning windows, or even wiping down walls, which might be needed.

Vacuuming more than any other job should be done in one go for all rooms, it also pays to start in one room away from the door and work across towards the door. Rather than waiting until items get in the way it helps to move them all beforehand in one go so you don’t need to be constantly stopping and starting the job. Another important point is that if you do use your vacuum for upholstery, curtains or to get cobwebs out of corners again you should do this before the rest of your vacuuming as often dust will end up on the carpet rather than in the vacuum cleaner.

Kitchens and bathrooms obviously take more work, you have the same steps but a few others as well. You may well want to clean your oven and hob in the kitchen and toilet, taps, bath and sink in the bathroom first. All of these are jobs that should be done before the rest of the room. With your hob especially but with all of these when you start scrubbing dirt may fly off in other directions and land elsewhere such as the floor or work surfaces. To make sure you don’t cross contaminate make sure the jobs that require more hard work are done first.

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