Following Through With Spring Cleaning Regimen

Following Through With Spring Cleaning RegimenIt’s like taking on an army. Like setting up a major battle with banners waving, trumpets blaring, and troops on the line. It’s the Spring cleaning, home cleaning time of year and it doesn’t have to be a major series of chores, but instead a fun time to get the family and maybe even friends to pitch in and see what wonders can be done.

Like any major military campaign, the enemy has to be identified. The enemy’s names are dirt, dust, clutter, refuse, and junk. Together they form a formidable advance series of antagonists only clear planning and diligence can overcome. You need to take the General’s spot. Have the area surveyed and then make estimations on how much time and how much in materials you need to use. Budget wisely and use today’s online venues to actually profit from Spring cleaning and home cleaning.

Yes, that’s right, profit.

How can one profit from cleaning the home? Well sit right back and watch.

First of all, after you’ve done your assessment, delegate the various jobs to the family members. If there’s really a lot to do like outside work from winter’s storms, then you might hire neighborhood kids, or people in town that you know. Hold a pancake or spaghetti chow down and toss them some dollars. It will get the job done right and you won’t end up losing time and more.

Look at the big items, if any, and plan on their storage. If people will be stopping by to pick up or buy from a yard sale, you’ll need plastic tarps and such to protect them. Sometimes that old dresser, and other larger items can go fast at a yard sale instead of selling them on Ebay. That’s the profit right there, Ebay.

Your primary goal is to clean the house but sometimes there are so many goodies to be found collecting dust that just itemizing them and putting them up for sale on Ebay can net a good penny or more.

Waste not, want not, is the old adage here.

Even though you’re enthusiastic with your team to clean, use safe products. Get new sponges and cloths and try to use products that won’t damage the paint, wood and other area. You want to get rid of the old crud and make way for the new. A good scrubbing here and there with a bit of elbow grease and you’ll have the place shiny as a new penny.

Once you’ve done the major part of the work, now comes the details. Double check window sills and other areas for sneaky bits of dirt and grime and insects. At this point you should be able to see how much damage the past year and especially winter has done inside and outside. Getting in on that information early means handling problems before they become disasters.

Now that all that’s done, you need to look at how you can prevent the amount of clutter and mess that accumulates during the year. If you had the habit of tossing stuff into the hallway closet or basement, make a little sign or note to remind you not to do that. After a while, you’ll notice that you don’t have that much more to clean up and worry about later.
Overall, Spring cleaning and home cleaning can be lots of fun. A sort of adventure that everyone can take part in.

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