Vinegar Still Reigns As A Cleaning Giant

Vinegar Still Reigns As A Cleaning GiantVinegar has been used for cleaning ever since man found out its usefulness millenia ago. In today’s modern age of high tech wizardry, vinegar may have been overlooked by far too many people in regard to its effectiveness as an all around cleaner.

Fortunately, thanks to the Green movements and to old wives’ tales, Vinegar has made a resounding comeback of sorts as the go-to cleaner of choice. Most brand name cleaners use alcohol, and other chemicals added with fragrance to get the grime gone, but vinegar either full concentration o diluted with water does a job just as good if not better in some cases. It really depends on the types of dirt and stains, but overall, if you give vinegar a chance, ti will prove itself out.

Vinegar is more than just a cleaner though, it’s an antiseptic and one of the most powerful. Alcohol, ammonia, vinegar, all can be used as cleaner and antiseptic, with vinegar being the safest.

The sheer number of surfaces and materials you can use vinegar on are immense. There’s really no surface that it won’t work on, and when diluted well, it can act as laundry detergent does.

Carpenters can appreciate vinegar as a cleaning tool. Diluted properly it will clean wood, plastic, metal. Even those hard to clean places in specialized tools. Carpentry calls for astonishing skill and tools that must be maintained in top condition always. As wood is an organic material, vinegar is a wise choice as a cleaner. Same goes with antique tools that many top carpenters use. Some being handed down through the generations. Vinegar can keep them in fine condition but it’s best to study up on the concentration needed on those various surfaces.

Gardeners can appreciate vinegar as a cleaning solution. Those gardening tools can take a beating regarding dirt and a decent washing with vinegar not only cleans the surfaces but as an antiseptic is cleaning the tools even more. Same goes for containers like pots and so on. Garden decorations can benefit from vinegar as well. Put some in a spray bottle diluted with water and bring some cleaning wipes and you’re good to go.

If you play video games and have an entertainment system at home, wiping down consoles, controls, and even the video screen can keep things hygienically clean and more. The vinegar won’t harm those space age plastics.

That goes for toys too. If you’ve wee ones at home and you know you’ve got to clean the toys, a vinegar solution should do the trick.

Sports equipment can use some vinegar for cleaning too. As usual, just make a solution and wipe off those baseballs and footballs, and tackle gear for fishing.

So to answer the question, “What can I use vinegar for to clean with?”, the truth of the matter is that just about everything can be a cleaning victory with vinegar.

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Battling Bacteria And Germs In The Kitchen

Battling Bacteria And Germs In The KitchenThe kitchen is the place where you prepare your foods. It cannot be compromised by bacteria or germs or the results could be both dangerous and even fatal. There should be no half stepping regarding yours and your family’s safety in this regard and there are practices and tips to minimize the risks.

You can’t get rid of all bacteria and germs but you can minimize their presence by following some specific practices. First you have to look at who and what enter your kitchen. Although we love them, we should keep pets out of the kitchen. They track in microbes from outside or from other pets or people and can do so in spots that you wouldn’t think they can access. If you can’t keep the pet out of the kitchen, then make sure you follow it around so that you can clean those spots that the critters get into. This means toys they chew on too.

The surfaces of the kitchen area are where the microbes rest on. Kitchen cleaning here calls for a cleaner that is a disinfectant that won’t harm the counter tops or table tops or the appliances nor are toxic to people. Using sponges and cloths are another area of kitchen cleaning that you have to be careful of. Sponges can be a place where bacteria thrives. You need to clean your sponges daily by dipping them in an anti-bacterial solution. Hot water doesn’t work unless you boil your sponges and also your cloths you use to clean with. Microbes can withstand incredible temperatures, but they can’t survive the chemicals and compounds that disrupt their biological functions such as a good anti-bacterial solution. Clean sponges and cloths daily. Find a bucket that you can place somewhere and at the end of the day, put the sponges and cloths in there with a good amount of disinfectant and water. The next morning, take them out and rinse. Have tow sets of cleaning cloths and sponges. One for day, one for night. This way you’ll have a readily available arsenal of kitchen cleaning materials.

Floors need a good mopping with disinfectant especially. If you walk around your kitchen in shoes and so do the other family members, there’s no telling how many microbes get onto the floor’s surface. Sweeping won’t do jack. You need to mop daily, especially if you have pets or babies that like to play on the floors. Ten minutes a day to clean that floor at night or in the morning means getting a foothold on preventing bacteria and germs from dominating.

Remember to wipe down appliances and handles once a day that see lots of activity like the fridge door handle and kitchen doorknobs. These places often miss the attention of the need for constant cleaning but are the most infected areas.

No need to mention the importance of disinfecting the sink or the table top where we eat. Overall, getting a great arsenal of disinfectant cleaning solutions, as simple as vinegar and water, and establishing a regimen of cleaning daily by all members of the household, you’ll have a kitchen cleaning procedure that all can take responsibility for and minimize the risks caused by those itty bitty critters of the microscopic kind.

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Vacation and Rental Condominium Cleaning Service in St Petersburg FL

European Maids offers Vacation and Rental Condominium Cleaning Service in St Petersburg and Clearwater  FL. Our cleaning company has been providing cleaning service for over 16 years.

Vacation and Rental Condominium Cleaning Service in St Petersburg FL

Vacation and Rental Condominium Cleaning Service in St Petersburg FL

Vacation and Rental Condominium Cleaning Service in St Petersburg FL

Vacation and Rental Condominium Cleaning Service in St Petersburg FL

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Home Cleaning for the Holidays

 Home Cleaning for the HolidaysThe holidays can be hectic. Whether it is preparing food for guests, running around to find presents, or keeping up with the other daily activities of living, there is always something going on in the winter months. With all of the moving pieces, it can be hard to keep a tidy home. Here are a few cleaning tips which will hopefully keep your house shining just as bright as the holiday lights do:

  1. Remove your shoes when inside the house. And make others do it as well. Shoes tend to track dirt and other unwanted things into the house, especially during the cold and wintery holiday months. It is easy to place a shoe rack or mat near the door which will let guests know to remove their shoes.
  2. Clean strategically. When cleaning, don’t just randomly clean bits and pieces, moving all around the room. Instead systematically start in one top corner and work your way around and then down. Remember, gravity is your friend here and you should utilize it properly. Dirt and dust falls down and then you just have to clean the floors.
  3. The windows are the openings to your home. Keep them and the window sashes clean. It will help reduce unwanted dust and dirt from outside making its way into your lovely home.
  4. Let cleaning solutions do their job. Cleaning solutions are made to get rid of dirt and grim. The chemical formulas are specifically tailored for a purpose, so let them do their job by letting them sit on whatever you are trying to clean before wiping away. This will reduce the amount of effort you need to put in in order to get that squeaky clean you desire.
  5. Use a squeegee in the bath and kitchen. It will help prevent mold and soap scum. Doing this even every few showers will help prevent a much bigger mess that you will have to clean up in the future.

Home cleaning during the holidays can be a chore, but there are a number of tips and methods you can use in order to limit the buildup of dirtiness as well as to clean more efficiently. Follow the easy steps above and watch as you have a much more relaxing holiday season and a much cleaner home to boot! Good luck with keeping the house clean and have a good holiday season!

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Following Through With Spring Cleaning Regimen

Following Through With Spring Cleaning RegimenIt’s like taking on an army. Like setting up a major battle with banners waving, trumpets blaring, and troops on the line. It’s the Spring cleaning, home cleaning time of year and it doesn’t have to be a major series of chores, but instead a fun time to get the family and maybe even friends to pitch in and see what wonders can be done.

Like any major military campaign, the enemy has to be identified. The enemy’s names are dirt, dust, clutter, refuse, and junk. Together they form a formidable advance series of antagonists only clear planning and diligence can overcome. You need to take the General’s spot. Have the area surveyed and then make estimations on how much time and how much in materials you need to use. Budget wisely and use today’s online venues to actually profit from Spring cleaning and home cleaning.

Yes, that’s right, profit.

How can one profit from cleaning the home? Well sit right back and watch.

First of all, after you’ve done your assessment, delegate the various jobs to the family members. If there’s really a lot to do like outside work from winter’s storms, then you might hire neighborhood kids, or people in town that you know. Hold a pancake or spaghetti chow down and toss them some dollars. It will get the job done right and you won’t end up losing time and more.

Look at the big items, if any, and plan on their storage. If people will be stopping by to pick up or buy from a yard sale, you’ll need plastic tarps and such to protect them. Sometimes that old dresser, and other larger items can go fast at a yard sale instead of selling them on Ebay. That’s the profit right there, Ebay.

Your primary goal is to clean the house but sometimes there are so many goodies to be found collecting dust that just itemizing them and putting them up for sale on Ebay can net a good penny or more.

Waste not, want not, is the old adage here.

Even though you’re enthusiastic with your team to clean, use safe products. Get new sponges and cloths and try to use products that won’t damage the paint, wood and other area. You want to get rid of the old crud and make way for the new. A good scrubbing here and there with a bit of elbow grease and you’ll have the place shiny as a new penny.

Once you’ve done the major part of the work, now comes the details. Double check window sills and other areas for sneaky bits of dirt and grime and insects. At this point you should be able to see how much damage the past year and especially winter has done inside and outside. Getting in on that information early means handling problems before they become disasters.

Now that all that’s done, you need to look at how you can prevent the amount of clutter and mess that accumulates during the year. If you had the habit of tossing stuff into the hallway closet or basement, make a little sign or note to remind you not to do that. After a while, you’ll notice that you don’t have that much more to clean up and worry about later.
Overall, Spring cleaning and home cleaning can be lots of fun. A sort of adventure that everyone can take part in.

Contact European Maids Cleaning Company for a free quote for home cleaning or spring cleaning.

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Vacation Condominium Cleaning Service in Clearwater

Vacation Condominium Cleaning Service in Clearwater by European Maids.

Our cleaning service company has over years 16 of experience in professional vacation condominium cleaning service and offers cleaning service in St. Peterburg and Clearwater FL

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It’s Flu Season And Time To Do Some Home Cleaning

It's Flu Season And Time To Do Some Home CleaningEvery year the flu takes a toll on the public. It’s spread from several sources and the use of proper home cleaning efforts and office cleaning efforts.

Basics are of value here. Just good old common sense should get you through the season regarding cleaning and defending yourself from the germs that carry the flu.
Some of the old homemade cleaning solutions can come in handy along with the new products from off the shelf. You can easily make your own and incorporate them with store bought products that are a great way of sanitizing areas with great efficiency.

The flu is spread by coming in contact with the virus through contact with people and objects. That means doorknobs, light switches, computer keyboards, desks, chairs, tables, pens, combs, and more are able to carry the flu virus and make it easy to pass on to others. This calls for vigilance and lots of cleaning regularly during the day.

Mentioning homemade solutions like simple water, vinegar, and dish soap can wipe out the flu bugs and keep areas and materials clean. Store bought solutions have built in disinfectants and cleaning solutions that are quite effective and recommended in defeating the flu and other germs and viruses. During flu season, mop those floors, wash those doors, don’t use sponges, use micro fiber cloth, wipe down counter tops, cabinet doors, television remotes and toy remotes. Toys are a major problem as kids will hide them after playing with them or lend them to other kids. Tools used by everyone around the house or office need a cleaning once or twice a day depending on their frequency of use. Vacuum cleaner handles are a prime example. Office supplies and equipment need regular once overs. After each use, use disinfectant cloths to wipe the equipment down. Make sure people wash their hands frequently with disinfectant solutions that aren’t expensive at all. Put the disinfectant soaps and creams throughout the house and office and encourage their use regularly by all persons.

If you’ve gone shopping and bring in the groceries or other items, after putting them in their proper places, give the areas the items touched a once over cleaning.

Once again, due to computing and the spread of diverse electronics, one must keep them disinfected several times a day. Mentioned earlier the computer keyboard. The mouse as well needs to be wiped down. Smartphones and cell phones should be cleaned as well even if you’ve been the only one using them. There’s a reason for this as we often touch other objects while using these devices and then put them in a pocket or purse that is dark, warm, and moist, just the right environment for viruses and germs and bacteria to flourish.

If you keep your home cleaning smart and regular, you’ll have decreased the chances of you spreading and picking up the flu, also keep your hands from your eyes and mouth too. If you keep vigilant and disciplined you’ll be much safer.

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Making Sense of “Bedroom Hygiene”

Making Sense of “Bedroom Hygiene”Cleaning your bedroom (thoroughly) the right way is a chore that is often overlooked and avoided.

Unfortunately, not properly cleaning your bedroom, specifically in the areas of your bed, pillows, and sheets can cause unwanted dirt, negative skin reactions, bacteria, and even illnesses. Below are a few outlined steps to more effectively cleaning your bedroom, as well as details explaining how often each should be done and on what timely basis.

Cleaning Your Bed

Most people look past this chore, or procrastinate and often this behavior leads to unwanted acne, breakouts, and even ticks, fleas, and dust mites. Cleaning your bed, including sheets, pillow cases, and even the mattress itself is essential to preventing unwanted germs and hosts of other illnesses.

An uncleaned mattress also collects dust and allergens, in turn setting off allergies that you may not have even knew you had!

Realistically, you should change and clean your sheets weekly, and be sanitizing and changing (flipping) your mattress every month if possible. You need to remove all items first, before attempting to clean your mattress, but it’s as simple as sprinkling baking soda, using a light cleaner with a sponge, and then airing your mattress out, outside to collect UV rays from the sun to both dry your mattress and kill unwanted germs and other bacteria.

Vacuuming in and around your bed

If possible, it’s recommended that you lightly vacuum your mattress, as well as areas around your bed on a monthly basis. This is important, since often you cannot see dusts, allergens, dirt, and other skin oils with your bare eyes that are both unhealthy for your body and poor for your sleeping conditions.

Before ‘getting down and dirty’ with your bed, linens, and the surrounding areas it’s especially important to make sure you clear all objects on, in, and around your bed so that you do not miss any dust or pollen, and so that dirt does not spread or cling onto other objects during the cleaning process!

Cleaning your Linens the Right Way

If you are not cleaning your sheets, pillow covers, and even your pillows themselves the right ways, you could be missing germs and unwanted dust and dirt.

Each fabric for the corresponding bed linens should have their own directions somewhere on a label directing you as to what type of washer and dryer settings you should use to clean them, such as temperature for example, and what will be the safest method so that you do not destroy your linens in the process.

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Providing Home Cleaning Service in Clearwater FL

Home Cleaning service by European Maids Cleaning company of St. Petersburg FL.

We have been providing home clearing service in Clearwater for over 20 yeas. We Guarantee 100% satisfaction. Call for your FREE Estimate Today!

Our cleaning crew has done a great job cleaning 2/2 house in Clearwater FL.

Providing Home Cleaning Service in Clearwater FL



Providing Home Cleaning Service in Clearwater FL

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How To Make Home Cleaning And Holiday Cleaning Fun

How To Make Home Cleaning And Holiday Cleaning Fun Preparing for the holidays needn’t be a chore. It’s supposed to be a time of joy and fun and prepping the house for holiday revelry should be so.

First of all, don’t take things too seriously. Don’t sit around fretting about whether your guests are going to find that spot on the rug or that stain on the wall. They’re more likely to be more interested in having a time with you and your family, not acting like barracks inspectors for the drill instructor.

It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go that extra mile to make the house tidy. I fyou do expect guests of a good number and need to prep up the family room and guest rooms and such, then taking care of these areas should be easy if you’ve not neglected them for a while. Often, we’ll have that guest room or guest bath just sitting there the last time someone visited. You might not have given it a good dusting or vacuuming and you might have left some of the previous guests’ leftover belongings and tracks. Well, the first thing you do is survey the areas and predict what tools you’ll need and how much. Can you get away with a light dusting and vacuuming or will you need to go all out to get the job done.

To be on the safe side, just give the entire area or areas the once over full. Wipe down walls, cabinets, showers, toilets basins, and give the floors a good mopping as well as vacuuming any rugs. Dust will have settled on curtains, blinds and even light bulbs. A simple dusting should fix that. Test the outleets and lights to make sure they’re working and run the water for a while in the sinks and showers to flush out any backed up residue and rust.

Check for hidden treasures the pets may have hidden in small places as well as tos the kids might have left laying around. Once you’ve done all that, it’s time to hit the rest of the house and give it the once over.

Don’t do it too far in advance or the areas will just get messy again. Holidays call for lots of preparations regarding meal preps and decorations and organizing the furniture to accommodate guests. You might have to bring in more chairs or a bigger table ou’ve had sitting in the attic, basement, or the garage. If so, then you’ll have to clean them thoroughl too. Appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, stoves, and refigerators should be spotless. Toss out old food and such and make room for the holiday treats and beverages.
Keep pets in check during this time so they don’t mess up right after you’ve tidied up and the same goes for small children and clumbsy family members. If the weather outside is frightful you might have to prepare for that especially if it’s windy or wet and slushy. That outside debris and dirt will be blown in every time you open a door or window or tracked in by foot. Have a good household spray cleaner, rags and paper towels handy and place them strategically in every busy room. This way you can tackle those spills and such immediately and not let them set where the may cause permanent stains or discoloration.
Finally, get the family involved with the home cleaning and holiday cleaning. Play your favorite music, usually holiday music to brighten the atmosphere. You’ll find that such chores are fun and easier when everyone pitches in and are smiling.

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