Cleaning The Pro Way With Simple Household Items

Cleaning The Pro Way With Simple Household ItemsIt might surprise one to find out that they can do a pro level job of cleaning the bathroom and kitchen using just some simple products that are found in just about every household.

You don’t need those high profile cleaning products that cost a bit and don’t always do the job. Doing things the old fashioned way can save in money, time, and get the level of cleaning done that doesn’t harm surfaces, gets rid of the germs with basic vinegar. Vinegar is one of the oldest and most effective disinfectants and cleaners ever. So much so that some companies actually up out a product called cleaning vinegar, which is basically vinegar with a new snazzy name.

Usually, just a half cup of vinegar and a half cup of water will do an entire bathroom or kitchen. This includes appliances, sinks, walls, and floors, and doors tool.
Vinegar won’t harm anything and kills odors. The trick is to get a regimen in and the right tools which are simple. Nowadays the only difference is that you can use microfiber cloth thus cutting down on the use of numerous paper towels.

For the sinks and toilets and showers, just spray the cleaning solution and let set for like 15 minutes. Then follow up with a damp cloth from top to bottom. Follow up with a buffing of paper towels or toilet paper. You’ll get that professional shine right on the spot. Toilets are the heavy duty job, but following a simple procedure will get the job done almost effortlessly. You spray the inside of the bowl and scrub before spraying and wait until 15 minutes after spraying. The grime and icky will disappear easily. Next spray the outside of the toilet and seat and lid and let set about 10 minutes and use a cloth the same way and buff with paper towels or toilet paper. It’s easy and highly effective. Not a lot of elbow grease needed at all.
Walls are the same way. Spray, wait, damp cloth. For appliances, same thing except for the insides. Refrigerators need cleaning in a different way as do dishwashers and microwaves. Fridges need to be sprayed and with the door open, let the spray sit and then wipe down and do a thorough job on the shelves. Put the shelves back in, let dry and you’re good to go. Same with a microwave. Open the door, spray lightly, let set, damp cloth, buff with paper. Dishwasher cleaning can be done with no effort. Just a half cup of water and half cup of vinegar poured into the dishwasher and set on low cycle and voila, the job is done. Do this once a week to prevent odors and other nasty things.

Finally, for floors, you just get a damp mop, after thoroughly spraying the floor or just applying directly with your vinegar water solution. When it’s almost dry, clean damp mop with warm water, to clean up and you’re done.

So it’s no big major chore, just doing things simply with cleaning tools and products that are inexpensive and easy to get.

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European Maids Cleaning Condominium in St. Petersburg FL

Condominium cleaning service by European Maids Cleaning company in St. Petersburg.

Home cleaning service by professional cleaning company in Palm Harbor, Clearwater and  St. Petersburg.

European Maids Cleaning Condominium in St. Petersburg FL European Maids Cleaning Condominium in St. Petersburg FL

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Condominium Cleaning in St. Petersburg Florida

Cleaning service by European Maids Cleaning company of St. Petersburg FL.

Home cleaning service is always provided by a professional in Clearwater, Palm Harbor and St. Petersburg FLorida.

Cleaning service by European Maids Cleaning company in St. Petersburg

Before the cleaning


Condominium Cleaning in St. Petersburg FL

After the cleaning

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European Maids Cleans Condominium in St. Petersburg FL

New photos from European Maids cleaning crew.
St Petersburg FL condominium cleaning was done to our customer satisfaction.

European Maids Cleans Condominium in St. Petersburg FL European Maids Cleans Condominium in St. Petersburg FL

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Cleaning The Refrigerator Doesn’t Have To Be A Chore

Cleaning The Refrigerator Doesn't Have To Be A ChoreThe refrigerator is the second busiest if not the most busy large appliance in your house. It runs 24/7 and is essential in the preservation of your food. It can take some punishment and requires regular cleaning, but it doesn’t have to be a chore.

Cleaning the refrigerator means you’ll have it operating at top efficiency. This means that when clean, it will use less electricity and deliver proper performance.

First comes the cleaning and checking. Look for leaks along the seal by putting a flashlight or some portable light inside and close the door. Turn off the lights and examine to see if you see light emitting from the fridge. If so, you need to tighten up that seal. This will keep food fresh and odors down.

Next is cleaning. You can use a number of homemade cleaning solutions or a brand name one from the store. Get one or make one that not only cuts through grease and grime, but also disinfects and won’t harm the surfaces of the refrigerator itself. You can then buff some wax on the glass to prevent stains and such, but your main goal is to get rid of grease and grime, disinfect and then prevent same.

There are also a number of ways to deodorize your fridge too. The old standby is a box of baking soda opened and sitting in the back of the fridge. Another is using a sock with activated charcoal that you can get at any pet store. Put it in the sock, tie a knot in it and stash it out of the way in the fridge. That will absorb the odors for at least a month or more. Some cotton with vanilla extract, orange oil, lemon oil, or something like that, will add some pleasant aroma to the fridge.

There are lots of household remedies so it’s best to search around and ask friends and family what they use.

Once you’ve gotten the refrigerator cleaned, cleaning it over time will be easier. There are other things you an do to aid in your refrigerator cleaning regimen.

Keep items at least an inch away from the walls of the refrigerator. This will allow for the fridge to circulate the air and keep things cool. Keep all containers with lids and tops tightly closed. Avoid putting meats on top but keep them on the bottom as if they leak you won’t have a waterfall of stuff. Vegetables should be in their own bin, best on top of a plain paper bag or paper towels that will absorb moisture and odors.

Cleaning your refrigerator should be a pleasurable experience, not a chore.

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Condominium Cleaning in St Petersburg FL

New photos from European Maids cleaning crew.
St. Petersburg beach 2 bedroom/2 bath condominium cleaning was done to our customer satisfaction.

imagejpeg_4 imagejpeg_3 imagejpeg_0 imagejpeg_1 imagejpeg_2

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Cleaning and restoring your Washing Machine

Cleaning and restoring your Washing MachineCleaning your washer is a task that no one wants to do. But following these tips will make it all the more practical for just about anyone to complete—no children!

Unfortunately, over time through usage washing machines build up unwanted hard minerals, nasty soils, hair, mildew, and detergent compounds. These are not only unhealthy for the operation of your machine, but can also leave a nasty or otherwise unwanted smell, or even worse, residue on your clothes.

Many common causes of green or yellow staining on your clothing can be caused by mildew and mold buildup, and even make your clothes stink! While some detergents are specifically designed to clean out your washer during it’s next cycle, these products can be unreasonably costly. Rather, you might find useful taking the time to wash your washer by hand every six months to prevent unwanted smells and coloring.

The best way to clean your top loading washer is by setting it to the highest heat and cycle setting. Through adding white cleaning vinegar (specifically containing six percent acid) to the wash cycle you can renew your washer’s once clean smell and appearance. After starting your cycle, just hit pause, and get to cleaning! Using a soft rag or microfiber (even better) cleaning cloth to wipe the insides and outside of your washer should leave it looking clean and smelling fresh. You can use an old or cheap toothbrush to scrub down the inside, and a rag to wipe up any unwanted residue. Make sure to also clean out the intake dispensers, and then continue the wash after an hour of letting it sit in the cleaner. After this, turn on your washer’s cycle at its hottest and strongest. Doing this will not only wash away the current buildup, but also wash away unwanted smells and clean the interior parts that you can’t see—but still effect your clothes cleanliness.

Try to avoid leaving your washer lid door open unnecessarily, ensuring it’s always dry, and trying to dry out the insides as well during the more humid seasons to avoid bacterial growth or mold buildup.

One final tip: Stop mildew and mold by keeping the lid or door closed when not in use.

For Front Load washers use a similar method for cleaning, but also ensure the water is on the hottest setting. Also add a little bit more white cleaning vinegar, approximately 2 cups. Add a little baking soda (about half a cup) into the washer through the drum, and make sure you clean all rubber gaskets for the best cleaning results!

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We Love Pets But It Calls For Cleaning

We Love Pets But It Calls For Cleaning A dog is a man’s best friend, and other pets can be like members of the family, but they’re not the independent creatures who can clean up after themselves, thus it requires us to do the job for them.

Cleaning up after pets calls for two strategies, actually three.  The first is training them to avoid such messes like house breaking them properly, not allowing them in certain areas and making sure they understand this.  Leaping up on the sofa or lounging on the kitchen table are no-nos for most pets although there are ranges of how much comfort a pet is allowed in the house.  The more leverage they are allowed, the more cleaning you’ll have to use.

The second strategy is to prevent problems.  This includes brushing them properly, bathing them properly, and cleaning up before they come into the house.  There are all sorts of new gizmos out there that work mostly on keeping paws cleaned.  Cats and dogs particularly, will trounce through the most messy environments, dogs in particular.  Before they enter the home you can wipe off their paws and inspect them.  Some doggie and cat entry doors have rough carpet that can wipe off the mud and dirt to a good degree.  Put pet doors in areas that won’t lead directly to the expensive carpeting or kitchen floors.  The basement entry is a good one as they’ll have to walk across concrete or inexpensive carpeting first.

Finally, is the cleanup.  For animals with hair or fur, use brushes on the furniture.  Velcro brushes work fine.  Vacuum cleaners with extensions should get to the wide areas and hard to reach places.  For those messy messes, you’ll need disinfectant cleaners like vinegar and warm water.  Other cleaning solutions can be used but you don’t want to poison your pets so check with your local pet store for the safe products to use.

Since there are all sorts of pets, we need to look at the variety of species. People will make a pet out of anything, even animals that are dangerous.  From big cats to birds, to even reptiles, and aquatic animals.

Cleaning up an aquarium for example takes skill as you don’t want to kill the creatures inside.  This can range from fish to snails, turtles, small lizards, frogs.  There’s a procedure for moving the contents of an aquarium and a good book on the subject is best to serve as procedural reference.  You just can’t dump the aquarium contents in a bucket and use a spray cleaner.  That might kill the pets. Sometimes good old fashioned vinegar and warm water to clean the enclosure will work.

For birds, some people have open perches for the big ones like the colorful tucans and parrots.  There are products that people put at the bottom of these to capture the droppings and spilled food.  In the old days people used newspapers but there are more efficient and cleaner products available at your pet store, or you can make on your own.

Knowing your pet’s habits, timing for messes is also good.  You’ll be able to anticipate and prepare.  You can’t control everything about an animal but you can minimize the messes with some attention and loving care.

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Spring Cleaning The Smart Way

Spring Cleaning The Smart WayEveryone loves Spring Cleaning….not!

It’s that time of year when we have to do a thorough inside and outside cleaning to get rid of the stacked up dirt and grime and weather damage of the winter.  Folks who live in the winter states undertake this traditional activity and it’s a job that includes the entire family.

To get the job done calls for planning and getting the right materials from the start.  No nee d using the same worn out brooms, mops, sponges, and rags you’ve used the past year, no, you need to get new materials and plan things accordingly.

Pets get older during the winter months and we can’t always keep up with them. Same goes for the children.  There might be hidden spots where toys, food, dragged in critters by the cat, can get stashed and cause damage.

First of all, get the new brooms, bags, cleaning solutions.  Look for any new products available that are good and safe.  Often companies will upgrade their products or new products will hit the shelves.  Using the tried and true solutions like vinegar and ammonia and so on from brands you trust are the foundation of your assault on the dirt and grime.

Vacuum cleaners have to be cleaned from head to nozzle.  Filters must be fresh and clean.  Same goes for steam cleaners.  Get the ones that have the right temperatures.  You’ll need to be able to get rid of things like flea eggs and other insects and their leavings.  Many steam cleaners can reach temps of over 200 degrees and that should be more than efficient.

Home cleaning might call for hiring a professional.  There are many services available for this and these companies specialize in not only cleaning the home or office.  They’ll lay down a battle plan with you to ensure you get the deep home cleaning without damaging your home and possessions.  Actually, you can do a good job of cleaning yourself and then have the cleaning company come in to mop things out.

Spring cleaning needs not be some daunting task that is rife with misery and woe. It can be a real family fun time and teach the kids about responsibility and get them prepared in life for living a clean life further on.  With mom and dad pitching in, the kids will see how important working as a team can be.  One might even put some pet socks on the dog that have become popular and have the critter walk around helping to sweep the linoleum.

Once you’ve done the cleaning take pictures to see how well you’ve done.  Actually, take pics and video from beginning to end.  This will keep a record of what was done and can be used for reference later.

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Cleaning Carpets The Right Way Means Going Deep

Cleaning Carpets The Right Way Means Going DeepCarpeting is still a major part of the home or office and keeping the carpets clean means you’ll need to do a little more than you might be used to.

First of all, carpets aren’t like linoleum, hardwood, or flat surface flooring. You know that already but far too many people take care of their carpets as though they are and that’s not a good thing.

Think of carpeting like your dog or cat’s fur.  It’s deep rooted and needs to be be cleaned not only at the surface but at the base or the roots.  A vacuum cleaner is the tool of choice, but if you don’t do deep cleaning you’re defeating the purpose. The reason for this is because dirt, particles, and those nasty allergens, get in deep and a simple passing over with a vacuum cleaner just won’t do the trick.  It’s sort of like farming.  You look at the area you need to tend to and apply the maintenance you need to get the optimum effect.

To do this, you need to look at where the high traffic areas are.  What areas do the kids and pets favor?  Open windows nearby?  These are the areas that you need to do the most vacuuming on.  Don’t just give them a simple two or three passes, go for broke and set the vacuum for the deep carpet cleaning and pass over the areas around 12 times.  This will ensure that the dirt and other particles are lifted up.

One needs to do this at least once a week.  The longer you wait, the more particulates accumulate and can cause trouble.  A good vacuum cleaner should have settings for deep cleaning and in those areas along baseboards and walls, the extensions that come along with the vacuum come in hand and should be used.

Timing is important.  If the family gathers in the den or playroom on Saturdays for those movie nights, then it’s best to clean up right after or the next day.  Same goes for holidays as there is more traffic and often packaging like presents opened can leave materials that can get ground into the carpet.

A regular schedule of cleaning can keep your carpeting in great shape and prevent damage to the underlying floor  and prevent discoloring.  Shampooing the carpet is important too and using just the right solutions is paramount.  This should be done at least once a month but no more than that as it could damage the carpet.

Overall, a simple and smart maintenance of your carpeting can make it last for years.

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