Cleaning Up a Kitchen in Your Home

Hoe Kitchen cleaningHome Inspection is an important part of home-selling process. Even if the offer has been made, a negative home inspection report might lead to cancellation of the deal. Home owners always feel a bit tensed when a home inspector goes through their house making particular note of the things that are wrong or faulty. However, there are ways through which negative comments can be reduced in a home inspection report. A kitchen is one of the most important places in the house and inspection of the kitchen includes electrical, built-in appliances and plumbing. A professional home inspector checks out everything like bottom of the sink, inside of the appliances like dishwater, stoves and even cupboards. Apart from that the electrical panels hiding behind the cupboards are also checked. A good home cleaning regime ensures that your house stays in a clean and tidy condition without the need to worry too much about home inspection.

Sometimes areas to be inspected in the house get blocked by certain items but the home inspector is neither advised nor required to move those items. Apart from that component or systems that are shut down because of certain reasons are not required to be operated. This is mainly done because of the fact that the home inspector is totally unaware of why certain systems or appliances are shut down and reactivating them might put the entire house at risk. On the other hand if the home inspector is not able to access certain areas it could lead to an incomplete report which might affect the deal. Thus, to make sure that the inspection takes place in smooth manner a thorough home cleaning is required.

Before getting the home inspected, the owner of the house should make sure that every utility in the house is powered on. The home cleaning task should include removal of garbage, cleaning of materials and supplies from the sink’s bottom. Items that are hanging or kept in front of electrical panels should be removed. Cleaning everything in the house is extremely important as a dirty house gives the impression of a house poorly maintained. In case of a fireplace or wood stove, professional cleaners should be hired to clean them thoroughly.

If there are any repairs to be made in the kitchen it should be carried out as soon as possible. The dirty dishes in the kitchen should be washed and put away. Every item from inside the stove should be removed and the countertop should be cleaned and de-cluttered. It is always advisable to include all these things in the list of home cleaning. This will make sure that the home inspector is able to provide a complete report that will lead to faster closing. Another important thing to consider is to provide a nice and safe place for every pet in the house. A sturdy kennel in the house or taking the pet to some relative’s place is both good options. Although this might not fall under home cleaning but surely carries a lot of importance.

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House cleaning to help you make you house lively

Home Cleaning ClearwaterCleanliness is a mark of how civilised a society or a person is. No other known creature requires cleaning everything related to it than human beings. As the cleaning techniques vary for different objects and rooms so they vary for different seasons too. However, the variation is in the details of cleaning techniques but the fundamental steps remain almost the same. Some techniques are mentioned here that may prove helpful for many in their cleaning responsibilities. These techniques cover cleaning of nearly all the common articles or rooms involved in home cleaning.

Bathroom is one of those places that cannot be missed during house cleaning. In fact, bathrooms require more cleaning than any other room in the house. Development of mould is the most common issue with bathrooms or toilets. It can be removed by using any good quality mildew solution. Simply spraying the solution on the grout and then scrubbing with a brush would be sufficient to clean bathroom walls and floor. The effort can be repeated after 15 minutes, if required. Wiping the floor, walls and glass with a squeegee after shower can be adopted as a preventive measure.

Windows, blinds and drapes require regular cleaning too as they remain in the open all the time. Window cleaning is done best on a cloudy day. Micro fibres are the best option for cleaning windows. Using a window cleaning on the panes and rinsing them with microfibers would surely remove all the dirt and stains. Afterwards, squeegee should be used to wipe the window pane. A regular drycleaner that is used for home cleaning can be used to clean drapes and blinds to. The only specification is that brush attachment is to be used for blinds while upholstery attachment for drapes. Simple dusting should be enough in case of moderately dusty drapes or blinds.

Vacuum cleaners are to be used to clean upholsteries and furniture too. Since home cleaning is most commonly done with vacuum cleaners, the instructions about what attachments are to be used for what kind of objects is generally found on the cleaners manuals.

Kitchen cupboard are another regularly used items and hence, get dirty quickly too. Cupboards simply have to be scrubbed or rinsed by microfiber cloth or scrubber sponge after getting slightly soaked in a furniture cleaning solutions. All these objects may get dirty quickly but to clean them does not require any extraordinary talent. However, these have to be cleaned regularly irrespective of whether entire house cleaning is carried out or not.

Computers and electronics, however, have to be cleaned with caution. It is important to switch off the appliance before cleaning. The computer or electronics attachment should be used to vacuum clean and blow off the dust. Then the parts that can be unscrewed such as mouse, cabinet, etc. have to unscrewed and wiped gently with cotton or soft cloth to remove sticky dusts. Once it is ensured that all the reachable dusts are off, the lids should be screwed again. And with it, most of the house cleaning is complete. For deeper cleaning, professionals’ assistance is strongly recommendable.

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Keeping your carpets clean with regular cleaning

With all elements of house cleaning in every room as you clean dirt, dust and grime will, despite your best efforts fall downwards eventually ending up on the floor. You may use a duster and try to collect all dust but some will inevitably drift away. Crumbs and bits of food from surfaces in your kitchen and dining room you may try to collect with a cloth or dustpan but again some mess will always end up on the floor. This is why when doing your house cleaning cleaning your floors is the most important job.

With tiles, wood and laminate floors cleaning them is relatively easy, though sometimes some scrubbing may be needed. With carpets trying to scrub can cause damage and it isn’t as simple as sweeping or vacuuming to get up all signs of dirt.

Vacuum cleaning is important though and it is important to do it regularly to save you work long term. If you are cleaning rooms including wiping sides and dinging tables make sure that when you finish you always vacuum. Leaving dirt on the carpet will simply allow it to drift down into the carpet and get walked in.

If any food is left on your carpet problems may well be worse and staining and odor may be difficult to remove once left.

What about when your carpet is getting very dirty though, it might look a little grubby or it could be that it smells far from fresh.

In either case a steam clean is going to be your first option, steam cleaning kills bacteria and loosens dirt, allowing small particles to then be vacuumed, steam can also get rid of general stains and tarnish, though may not always get up more stubborn stains. For house cleaning in general a steam cleaner is hugely useful and is an investment worth considering, though they are also available to hire or you may well have a friend who will lend one to you for your home cleaning.

If you drop something on your carpet it can be a nightmare, you of course should act quickly but this may not be enough, its also often at the worst times, such as when you have guests over for dinner, that stains occur and though you’d like to drop everything and get down on your hand s and knees an start scrubbing you can’t.

How to deal with a stain depends on the type of stain, for liquids such as wine and juice soaking up the moisture is important, if the moisture is soaked up before it can dry completely then there should be little staining. Use salt or soda crystals to soak up liquids but remove them and replace them several times in quick succession rather than letting the liquid dry within the slat crystals still on your carpet.

With oil and food stains where the substance is oily the problem is oil clings and holds the stain with it. Although soap or washing up liquid can help Swarfega or other degreasers generally used in garages and auto-shops are useful to have around the home for house cleaning and take the grease and the stain right out of a carpet, as well as clothes and table clothes, ideally used before the oil dries on but even if a stain has gone unnoticed and been left.


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Post School Holiday House Cleaning

In the summer it is tough to keep up with house cleaning if you have children at home that are constantly creating mess and taking up your time. When children come to go back to school though it is time to get your home back in order, however this can take time and can be as intensive as a spring clean as you get everything back where it belongs and try and get children’s rooms back to some semblance of organization.

If you try to get your house cleaning done just before the children go back to school you may think you’ll have it done and out of the way so when the children are in school again you can get back to your normal daily routine. You may even think that your children, bored as they can be towards the end of the holidays, may want to help you or be able to tidy their own rooms. One problem of course is that you get something tidy and it could easily be back to messy again as soon as you turn your back.

If you get your children to help tidy their rooms though it can sometimes be more effort than just waiting until they return to school and doing it yourself. Children have a tendency while tidying to want to play with everything they come across, they also often find toys and games they forgot they had and so start actually getting out things that were put away: and if not while your helping them tidy their rooms then they may decide to do this afterwards. Leave your children to it to tidy their rooms without your help and progress is often slow, how they put items away can often be inefficient and it can be advantageous for you to know where they are putting things, partly in case they forget.

Also it is good to clean as you tidy with children’s rooms, as with any part of your house cleaning, thereby not just putting things away but making sure they are put away clean. Items and surfaces can be dusted, and disinfected if needed, clothes can be organized and dirty washing taken away, you may also want to pack away some summer clothes.

Doing house cleaning jobs including children’s rooms yourself once they are out of the way can be less stressful if you are going to have the spare time during the day, though one disadvantage is that children coming home from school and finding their rooms tidied often seem to want the one thing you have put away in the wrong place and so proceed to tear the place apart looking for it.

Of course in some cases the toys, games or other possessions they are looking for can’t be found as they are gone, one very real advantage of doing post school holiday house cleaning with the children in school is you can throw old items away that you think they no longer need or use without them being able to object: just keep items stored away somewhere such as the loft for a while just in case they are more attached than you realize and do want something back, often though after a few months when they haven’t asked you where something is this is good enough proof that they won’t miss it.

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Outsourcing Cleaning and Janitorial to a Local Cleaning Company

If you do your cleaning internally, either with a dedicated member of staff or using your other staff you are almost certainly wasting resources when you could outsource your cleaning functions as well as other janitorial and maintenance work to a maid service or similar.

If you are having cleaning done by your other staff you are going to be taking up time when they could be focusing on their core jobs that are what create value for your business, so don’t just think of the cost of the wages of those staff, who may well be paid more than the hourly rate for a maid service anyway, it is also costing you the value of the work they would produce.

If you have a dedicated cleaner you are also probably wasting money though, it may seem on the face of it that the hourly rate you pay a cleaner is less than you would pay a maid service but there are extra costs. For a start how about the extra payroll costs, you may be paying for various benefits that you give to all employees even if they work a few hours each week including holiday pay and sick pay.

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How to Enjoy your Summer Cleaning

Home and House CleaningClean your bathroom: then use it before anyone else has a chance to make a mess

You can’t get away from the job of cleaning your bathroom, including scrubbing the sink and the bath itself; you also can’t get away from the fact that it won’t stay clean for long, especially if you are in a hard water area and a residue builds up fast.

Make sure that after your hard work then you are the one to enjoy the fruits of you house cleaning work and get to enjoy a nice relaxing bath in your nice clean bathtub: you deserve it and it should make your house cleaning a little easier with something to look forward to.

As you clean your house take entertainment with you

House cleaning can be very repetitive and very boring, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be entertained while you do it though. You may well watch TV while you iron but if you have a laptop or tablet computer you can do the same by taking them round the house with you and watching a DVD or just something online as you clean. If this sounds a little awkward for what you have in mind then try using a mp3 player and don’t limit yourself to music but consider an audio-book, which can make time fly.

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Post July 4th Celaning

Clearwater cleaning servicesIf the weather is good for July Fourth at least a lot of the mess should be outside; however mess indoors too, if you are hosting celebrations, family or even a party perhaps, is inevitable. If it pours down this July 4th you are likely to have even more work of course as everyone comes inside but the celebrations continue unabated and the mess likewise.

As a housewife or househusband Independence Day and other holidays can be spoilt with the knowledge you’ll be tidying your home for days afterwards plus the actual damage and stains you may not be able to fix. Then of course if you work and don’t have anyone to clean up there is the very real possibility that it will be a couple of weekends until everything is back in order.

Should you consider getting in a professional cleaning service then? Some people see it as cheating but really it’s about saving time and making your life easier. A good cleaning service can leave your home cleaner than it started in fact and cut out a few jobs you’d have to have done without July 4th so you have more spare time to do the things you love.

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DIY Tips: How to Clean Hardwood Floors

Clean Hardwood Floors TipsHardwood floors are low maintenance but certainly not zero maintenance, like any surface that is part of your home cleaning they will of course need regular cleaning to get up dirt and spills and every now and again they may need more extensive maintenance.

A hardwood floor that comes with a finish on it or has been waxed is especially easy to clean and wipe with a cloth or mop or sweep. The finish stops dirt getting ingrained but the surface itself needs looking after and is in many ways more fragile than the wood it protects.

If a hardwood floor comes with a finish don’t add wax or other treatments to it, until the original finish really is past it. Also be careful what cleaners you use, they should be non abrasive and if possible PH neutral or slightly acidic, in which case it is important to wipe residue away afterwards.

The best thing however for hardwood floor cleaning is to sweep regularly wipe with a simple wet cloth or mop as soon as any spills have been made. This way dirt won’t have a chance to get walked in which can not only stick and make a floor look dirty but damage the surface through scratching away the finish.

With varnished wood the varnish itself will eventually wear down but is easy to reapply so you shouldn’t need to worry too much; wax is better at protecting the wood from moisture but can be slightly more tacky and mean dirt sticks and the wax itself starts to look dirty.

You could of course simply leave your wood bare or stained, yes wood can get damaged and wooden floors are expensive but if you have proper wooden floors, and not veneers, then any damage can be got rid of by sanding or stripping down the boards.

With harder woods especially though the wood shouldn’t get damaged easily and will age with time in such a way that it will develop character, especially with a wood like oak that will also age through darkening.

If your hardwood floor does need cleaning more thoroughly to remove trodden in dirt and stains then use a specific hardwood floor cleaner, these are formulated to leave your floor looking not just clean but add to the luster while some floor products, especially those containing ammonia, may dull wooden floors.

The main thing that can cause serious damage to wooden floors is water, the effect on plain hardwood floors is more that water can stain, water has more of an effect though on soft wood such as pine and on stained and varnished floors where these can be damaged themselves. Do make sure that if you use water to clean a floor dry it up and it is better to use a damp cloth rather than more water; if you do spill water accidentally then do clean it up.

Hardwood floors should make your home cleaning easier overall but it is easy to ignore them, remember that if you do ignore the needs of your wooden floors you may have more work long term.

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House cleaning for summer time

As long as the weather’s nice you won’t want to be indoors much at all let alone doing your house cleaning while the rest of your family and friends play outside or go to the beach in summer.

Here are a few tips to make sure that your house stays reasonably clean and tidy but you still don’t get to Autumn and find the Summer’s over and you never got round to enjoying the weather as much as you planned.

First of all prepare, if you are going to spring clean leave it until towards the end of the spring so less will build up by the time summer starts. Clean and dust as well as getting your oven, fridge and other appliances clean.

If you have children they are likely to spend a lot of the summer outside and so bedrooms may have a chance of staying a little more tidy, but start tidy and there’s a better chance they won’t just dump things as they come in and out.  Also before the summer comes pack away winter things, things you don’t use in summer including clothes just get in the way and create more work for you.

One of the biggest summer cleaning jobs is keeping floors clean, with people coming in and out a lot and bringing in dust, dirt and grass floors can suffer. Choose one main way in and out of your home and get people to stick to it. By doing this you will have less floors to clean, ideally it will be the way in closest to your kitchen and a bathroom, which are the main things people come in for. You may want to get out summer toys and games for the garden though and keep them close by the door or in a shed to make them more easily accessible without people having to traipse around the house.

Doormats are good but you’ll have to be strict to make sure people use them. If you are having a lot of people over you could have a runner going from the door to the garden to the bathroom and kitchen to keep carpets clean, this could even be old cardboard that you throw out at the end of the day: this is especially important if you have a pool and will have wet people coming in and out as well.

Think about what parts of your home will see the most use during the summer too, it may be easier to move objects likely to get dirty or damaged out of the way until the summer is over.

Then of course if this still seems too much you can take your family for days out: as long as there’s no one at home they can’t make mess meaning you don’t have to chase after them and keep things tidy. Days at the beach or at a park are great and if friends invite you to garden parties accept: you could even take it in turns with friends to have each other’s children over so they can only make a mess at one place at a time.

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Keeping hard floors cleaner and cleaning more efficiently

Maid Service | House CleaningWith house cleaning there are some jobs you can’t get away from and can’t really make easier, dust will always end up settling on surfaces and men will never learn to lift the toilet seat it seems. With other jobs though you can save yourself a lot of work by planning ahead and through how you clean. One of these house cleaning time saving opportunities is your hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors are a big job within anyone’s house cleaning regime and so there is a lot of potential time to be saved.

One obvious option is to have a no shoes policy, this isn’t always practical and with dogs and children especially it may have little effect, dogs especially bring in dirt on their paws normally but children aren’t perfect.

Rather than a no shoes policy a clean shoes, and paws, policy may be more practical. Make sure you have floor mats at every door, don’t forget your back door. Not all mats are the same though and some are great at soaking up moisture, others good at brushing off dried on mud and dirt. The best option is to have a brush mat outside each door on the doorstep to get the worst off shoes and then another mat to soak up moisture on the inside. Then of course you have to make sure people use both: this can be tricky with dogs though.

The moisture soaking doormat will help if your dog doesn’t just leap over it, keep a towel by the door though and try to get up the worst of the dirt and dog scented moisture as possible to make all of your house cleaning and not just the hardwood floors much cleaner.

Other ways to stop your dog bringing in as much dirt includes trimming the fur on their legs that soaks up mud, water and also grass burs and other organic matter that then gets strewned around your home. Also trim your dog’s nails often to stop getting scratches on your floors that then allow in dirt to the unprotected wood.

When it actually comes to cleaning your floors within your house cleaning routine start with sweeping and vacuuming, sweeping makes vacuuming easier and better at getting up the little bits of dust and dirt with any larger bits and pieces gone.

After vacuuming clean any remaining marks and dirt, this may seem nonsensical to do it this way round but if you try to wipe up marks when the vacuuming isn’t done you can actually make matters worse by getting dry dirt damp that would just vacuum up otherwise.

You may not even need to clean up any extra dirt after sweeping and vacuuming, if you do then a quick damp cloth may work, don’t forget though that a lot of spills will mop up much more easily if done sooner rather than later. Rather than try and clear up a mess while the rest of the floor is still dirty though if possible bring forward the hard floor part of you’re your house cleaning so you can do the job properly straight away.

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