How To Make Home Cleaning And Holiday Cleaning Fun

How To Make Home Cleaning And Holiday Cleaning Fun Preparing for the holidays needn’t be a chore. It’s supposed to be a time of joy and fun and prepping the house for holiday revelry should be so.

First of all, don’t take things too seriously. Don’t sit around fretting about whether your guests are going to find that spot on the rug or that stain on the wall. They’re more likely to be more interested in having a time with you and your family, not acting like barracks inspectors for the drill instructor.

It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go that extra mile to make the house tidy. I fyou do expect guests of a good number and need to prep up the family room and guest rooms and such, then taking care of these areas should be easy if you’ve not neglected them for a while. Often, we’ll have that guest room or guest bath just sitting there the last time someone visited. You might not have given it a good dusting or vacuuming and you might have left some of the previous guests’ leftover belongings and tracks. Well, the first thing you do is survey the areas and predict what tools you’ll need and how much. Can you get away with a light dusting and vacuuming or will you need to go all out to get the job done.

To be on the safe side, just give the entire area or areas the once over full. Wipe down walls, cabinets, showers, toilets basins, and give the floors a good mopping as well as vacuuming any rugs. Dust will have settled on curtains, blinds and even light bulbs. A simple dusting should fix that. Test the outleets and lights to make sure they’re working and run the water for a while in the sinks and showers to flush out any backed up residue and rust.

Check for hidden treasures the pets may have hidden in small places as well as tos the kids might have left laying around. Once you’ve done all that, it’s time to hit the rest of the house and give it the once over.

Don’t do it too far in advance or the areas will just get messy again. Holidays call for lots of preparations regarding meal preps and decorations and organizing the furniture to accommodate guests. You might have to bring in more chairs or a bigger table ou’ve had sitting in the attic, basement, or the garage. If so, then you’ll have to clean them thoroughl too. Appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, stoves, and refigerators should be spotless. Toss out old food and such and make room for the holiday treats and beverages.
Keep pets in check during this time so they don’t mess up right after you’ve tidied up and the same goes for small children and clumbsy family members. If the weather outside is frightful you might have to prepare for that especially if it’s windy or wet and slushy. That outside debris and dirt will be blown in every time you open a door or window or tracked in by foot. Have a good household spray cleaner, rags and paper towels handy and place them strategically in every busy room. This way you can tackle those spills and such immediately and not let them set where the may cause permanent stains or discoloration.
Finally, get the family involved with the home cleaning and holiday cleaning. Play your favorite music, usually holiday music to brighten the atmosphere. You’ll find that such chores are fun and easier when everyone pitches in and are smiling.

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Cleaning The Home The Green DIY Way

Cleaning The Home The Green DIY WayIf you’re a person who is not only environmentally conscientious, but also one who likes to Do It Yourself or DIY, there are ways to keep your home clean using your own products made from regular things around the house.

First of all you’ll be tackling the two tough rooms. The kitchen and the bathroom. If you have kids and there’s a room designated for play, that can be a major challenge too. Pets add additional wear and tear so you’ll need a cleaner that can really get in there and pull up that grime and disinfect.

Believe it or not, good old fashioned vinegar and water can get you a long way. Add some eco friendly soap and you’ll be in business. Even baking soda comes in handy and in the right combinations will do the job as good as if ot better than the higher priced store bought items.

Vinegar, water, and eco friendly liquid soap is great for the kitchen. With a spray bottle, bucket and mop, you’ll do dirt so much damage that your head will spin. You can clean tile, wood, metal, plastic, and other kitchen surfaces and cause no harm. A clean cloth or microfiber cloth and you’ll be good to go.

For the tough jobs there’s the addition of baking soda. A bathroom can get a great cleaning adding baking soda to water, soap, and borax.

Baking soda and liquid soap should be mixed to a nice paste then add some water but not too much and you’re good.

For sprays you can use either water and vinegar which works great on glass and polished metal.

Home cleaning can mean green cleaning if you just stick to the basics and approach your regular cleaning the same way.

There are also tutorials on how to make more products for the home using products readily available in your cabinets or at the store. You can look for comingations that might work on other products eve outside like swimming pools, kids swing sets, bar-b-ques, even washing the walls of the house. All eco friendly with means you’ll be home cleaning and green cleaning in one stroke.

Tools can also be cleaned with these products and you might be surprised at how well it does. The home garage is a place that is a spotlight for home cleaning. A DIY solution can get that dust and grime out in no time.

It’s not a big thing to use these kinds of products and just a bit of study will get you started.
Now, in addition to the basics mentioned above, you can add essential oils to your mixtures and really see them pack a wallop. Tea tree oil is one of nature’s finest products. A little bit of tea tree oil with some warm water and liquid soap is a disinfectant that you just can’t beat. Smells good too.

Another great essential oil is peppermint. Not only does it smell good but it will both disinfectant. Lavender is another essential oil goodie. Head to a store that has these oils and ask around to see what can be applicable. They’re just as good a disinfectant as the stuff you buy in the stores.

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Home Cleaning in Clearwater and St. Petersburg FL

Home Cleaning service by European Maids Cleaning company of St. Petersburg FL.

Home cleaning services have been provided by cleaning professionals in Clearwater, Palm Harbor and St. Petersburg Florida.

Our cleaning crew has done a great job cleaning one bedroom one bath condominium in Clearwater FL.

Home Cleaning in Clearwater and St. Petersburg FL - bathroon Home Cleaning in Clearwater and St. Petersburg FLHome Cleaning in Clearwater and St. Petersburg FL - living room

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Selling A House? Clean It First

Selling A House?  Clean It FirstSelling a home takes expertise. You need to know how to communicate with buyers and allay their concerns. You don’t want little things to get in the way of your pitch and that means showing a home that is clean.

By clean we mean from dirt and from clutter. It’s a major chore but if the home is unfurnished, it’s easier, if furnished, you’ll need more elbow grease to get things done.
First of all you’ll need a battle plan to evaluate where you stand realistically. Some buyers are very fastidious and will look inside every nook and cranny of the property. This is your toughest client. One thing out of order and they can make a mountain out of a molehill and get you to drop the price. It can be highly embarrassing to the seller to have a potential buyer find mold or old socks or pet hair lying about. It shows the buyer that you’re not on your toes and may have overlooked more important things like the electricity and plumbing.

Don’t give the buyer a toe hold to be cautious. Look over the property for first, general dirt, grime, and smudges. Are there hand prints on the doors and walls in the children’s room? How about that splatter of tomato sauce between the range and the dishwasher? Are there pushpins or tape still on the walls where posters and things once hung? Are the light fixtures, wall sockets still dusty or smudged? Could the walls use a good cleaning? How about the floors and rugs? These are the big areas and that means you need to get down and dirty to make them spotless. If a rug is good but has a stubborn stain, then it’s better to put down a new rug or if possible take the old one up. Make sure the lights have bulbs that work in them. The kitchen and bathrooms are the major areas of thorough cleaning. Wash the windows to a sparkle and clean those Venetian blinds and draperies.

The clutter cannot be. Don’t have rolled up rugs, boxes of stuff, lying around. It looks crampy and makes the buyer feel uneasy. You wan them to enjoy that space as much as possible. To let their imaginations soar regarding what they want to put in those spaces. The home should be showroom perfect.

That’s all there is. Make the home look like it’s brand new and you’ll have buyers with eyes wide opened and wallets wide open.

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The Battle Of Cleaning The Bathroom

 The Battle Of Cleaning The BathroomThere are two rooms in the house that are the most challenging to clean, the kitchen and the bathroom. That being said, any tips that can make the job go easier are welcome as they’ll save a lot of time, energy, money, and headache.

The basics to cleaning the bathroom are materials that are cheap and usually already a part of the household repertoire of products. Things like vinegar, baking soda, bleach, dish soap, are all regular weapons in the battle for bathroom cleanliness.

With such materials at hand, the first step is to know how to apply them and to which surfaces. Since you’ll be dealing with tile mostly, that’s not a problem. With some elbow grease and time, you’ll do wonders with the simplest of materials.

You’ll need clean sponges, brushes, paper towels. Again, baking soda, vinegar, bleach, warm water. If you feel you need more, then add a glass cleaner and an all purpose cleaner. A microfiber cloth or two or three, vacuum, mop, broom, extendable duster, and of course rubber gloves to protect your hands. Believe it or not, some folks use safety glasses which isn’t a bad idea.

You’re going to tackle areas like the shower, shower heads, grout, sink, doors and door handles, mirrors, the toilet, mats, rugs, garbage receptacle, curtains, vents, light fixtures, outside light switches, door hinges. Any decorative items like sculptured reliefs or statues, picture frames, and artificial plants. The decorative items might not seem like they’ll need a cleaning, but they will. They collect moisture residue and dust as does everything else in the room.

Take care of the small areas first like hinges, molding, door frames. A dusting and then a pass with the cleaner of your choice. The walls, are the big areas so judge your energy level for them. One pass with a cleaner of vinegar and warm water should do the trick. Windows call for special care where those nooks and crannies are as they can collect moisture and promote mold. Look over the room for those areas, those cracks where things are fixed to the walls, doors, like screw mounts etc.. You want to make sure the itty bitty places that are most overlooked but if neglected can cause damage in the long run and be a hiding place for germs and bacteria.

The shower and the toilet are the heavy duty areas of combat. It’ll take powerful cleaning solutions and effort to get in there especially where grout is concerned. Vinegar and warm water, baking soda can do wonders here. These areas take two to three passes. Consuming most of your cleaning time but well worth it. A real good, deep cleaning means not having to expend so much effort later. Floors, usually tile call for getting deep and making sure the grout areas are thoroughly clean. Cabinets, closets need a pass and the outside hinges too. Just a wee bit of vinegar, diluted will do the trick so as not to cause damage to the hinge.

Home cleaning, especially bathroom cleaning is of utmost importance, but need not be a major chore. Just careful tender loving care and you should be in good form from beginning to end.

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Cleaning The Bedroom Big Time

The m Cleaning The Bedroom Big Timeain problem with the bedroom is that it’s the bedroom. The place you lay your head down each night and sleep or lounge around on those lazy days. It serves as a combination crash pad, gymnasium and storage facility. With that much usage, cleaning it thoroughly means a big time effort.

We’re not talking your regular daily or weekly vacuuming and dusting, we’re talking the big beat down on dirt, clutter, damage, and more.

Getting started means surveying the bedroom and assessing when the last time it got a thorough cleaning. Realize that there may be spots that need some real elbow grease to straighten out. You’re going to have to move some furniture, loose some fixtures, and lift some rugs. The worst part is cleaning out the closets of clutter that has accumulated over time.

Clean out the closets and drawers first. Put down some plastic or big sheets that you can put the stuff on and not soil the rug or damage the furniture and floor. Look at what you really need to have in your closet. Old clothes that hold some sentimental value, just pack up and store in the attic. Shoes too. Some ladies can accumulate so many shoes they often forget they’re there. Tools, broken items, old boxes, need to be cleaned or tossed out. You’ll end up with just the right items you need to keep.

Before putting the necessary items back in the closet, inspect it for damage. Clean it thoroughly and if it needs painting or repair, set that as a chore. Once the job is done you can repopulate it with your possessions. Drawers, cabinets, need to be inspected and cleaned. Move them to see what is underneath them and clean it if need be. Check ceiling fans and air ducts for dust and clutter as well as discoloration and damage. Replace them to give the place a better look. Furniture and items that have small details you need to clean with delicate cloth and cleaner.

If the room needs a new coat of paint, then set things up. Same if the rug or flooring needs attention. A new rug will prevent the build up of mold and dust that older rugs can accumulate. Smooth surface flooring like hard wood, need special care and a few throw rugs that are secured underneath with adhesive will protect the floor and cut down on noise. Don’t forget door hinges and door knobs as well as electrical sockets. Just unscrew and replace or unscrew and clean and put back.

Overall, home cleaning with the bedroom will lead to more peace of mind and foster a better attitude in your life.


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Cleaning The Pro Way With Simple Household Items

Cleaning The Pro Way With Simple Household ItemsIt might surprise one to find out that they can do a pro level job of cleaning the bathroom and kitchen using just some simple products that are found in just about every household.

You don’t need those high profile cleaning products that cost a bit and don’t always do the job. Doing things the old fashioned way can save in money, time, and get the level of cleaning done that doesn’t harm surfaces, gets rid of the germs with basic vinegar. Vinegar is one of the oldest and most effective disinfectants and cleaners ever. So much so that some companies actually up out a product called cleaning vinegar, which is basically vinegar with a new snazzy name.

Usually, just a half cup of vinegar and a half cup of water will do an entire bathroom or kitchen. This includes appliances, sinks, walls, and floors, and doors tool.
Vinegar won’t harm anything and kills odors. The trick is to get a regimen in and the right tools which are simple. Nowadays the only difference is that you can use microfiber cloth thus cutting down on the use of numerous paper towels.

For the sinks and toilets and showers, just spray the cleaning solution and let set for like 15 minutes. Then follow up with a damp cloth from top to bottom. Follow up with a buffing of paper towels or toilet paper. You’ll get that professional shine right on the spot. Toilets are the heavy duty job, but following a simple procedure will get the job done almost effortlessly. You spray the inside of the bowl and scrub before spraying and wait until 15 minutes after spraying. The grime and icky will disappear easily. Next spray the outside of the toilet and seat and lid and let set about 10 minutes and use a cloth the same way and buff with paper towels or toilet paper. It’s easy and highly effective. Not a lot of elbow grease needed at all.
Walls are the same way. Spray, wait, damp cloth. For appliances, same thing except for the insides. Refrigerators need cleaning in a different way as do dishwashers and microwaves. Fridges need to be sprayed and with the door open, let the spray sit and then wipe down and do a thorough job on the shelves. Put the shelves back in, let dry and you’re good to go. Same with a microwave. Open the door, spray lightly, let set, damp cloth, buff with paper. Dishwasher cleaning can be done with no effort. Just a half cup of water and half cup of vinegar poured into the dishwasher and set on low cycle and voila, the job is done. Do this once a week to prevent odors and other nasty things.

Finally, for floors, you just get a damp mop, after thoroughly spraying the floor or just applying directly with your vinegar water solution. When it’s almost dry, clean damp mop with warm water, to clean up and you’re done.

So it’s no big major chore, just doing things simply with cleaning tools and products that are inexpensive and easy to get.

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European Maids Cleaning Condominium in St. Petersburg FL

Condominium cleaning service by European Maids Cleaning company in St. Petersburg.

Home cleaning service by professional cleaning company in Palm Harbor, Clearwater and  St. Petersburg.

European Maids Cleaning Condominium in St. Petersburg FL European Maids Cleaning Condominium in St. Petersburg FL

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Condominium Cleaning in St. Petersburg Florida

Cleaning service by European Maids Cleaning company of St. Petersburg FL.

Home cleaning service is always provided by a professional in Clearwater, Palm Harbor and St. Petersburg FLorida.

Cleaning service by European Maids Cleaning company in St. Petersburg

Before the cleaning


Condominium Cleaning in St. Petersburg FL

After the cleaning

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European Maids Cleans Condominium in St. Petersburg FL

New photos from European Maids cleaning crew.
St Petersburg FL condominium cleaning was done to our customer satisfaction.

European Maids Cleans Condominium in St. Petersburg FL European Maids Cleans Condominium in St. Petersburg FL

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