How to Naturally Clean Your Old & Stained Carpets

How to Naturally Clean Your Old & Stained CarpetsCarpets that appear worn out never get any second looks, nobody thinks it’s a good vibe and that’s why people are always looking to have their stained carpets clean. Most people would hire a service to come in and do it for them, which is completely fine if you have no problem with numerous amounts of chemicals. The chemicals that these companies use can be pretty hefty at times, which is why understanding that you can clean your old and stained carpets through natural means is important. It doesn’t matter how clean of a person you are naturally, and it doesn’t even matter if you strive to keep your home clean; no matter what you do your older carpets are going to turn into a stained (yet not forgotten!) mess. The chemicals that these companies regular use emit very strong odours, which means that you’ll have to deal with that chemical stench long after they’ve left your home. It might be worth it if you really want a clean carpet, but seeing as the same result can be had through the use of natural products makes hiring a cleaning service obsolete.

These cleaners won’t consist of harsh chemicals and they aren’t going to stick around long after they’ve done their job, so carpet cleaning projects have never been as easy as they are these days. All you’ll need is borax and cornmeal, mix these two ingredients and you’ll have a powder that will help remove stains and keep your carpet fresh for a longer period of time. “Fresh” carpets just mean ones that look and smell great, and that’s one of those things that we can all come to enjoy. This powder makes it easier to get rid of the grime and nasty bits that are going to come off of your carpet, even if you’re just making use of warm water.

Carpets needs to be kept clean if you’re going to have a house that’s well-kept, carpets are a major part of your property and should be treated accordingly. Of course the carpet cleaning companies out there are going to make it seem like you absolutely need their services, but don’t let them fool you! Take the natural route and you’re going to be in a better place at the end of it all, and that’s something you can take to the bank.

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Six Condominium Cleaning Tips

Six Condominium Cleaning TipsCondominiums can be found in a number of different sizes and shapes. However, there is one basic strategy that can help cleaning them all. At times, you would find a good amount of time for cleaning the empty condominium. However, at other times, the cleaning needs to be completed rather immediately. Irrespective of whether the condominium cleaning is done in a hurry or at leisure, there should be a specific plan for execution. And this plan is necessary not just for commercial cleaning but for personal cleaning as well. This will reduce the amount of the time otherwise consumed to a great extent in cleaning the condominium just so that everyone can view it and also appreciate it.

Here are a few instructions that will help you in condominium cleaning:

1. The balconies are to be swept with whisk broom. The cobwebs formed on the hand railings should be swept away.

2. The light covers should be detached and the accumulated dust and bugs should be removed. A duster should be used for dusting the chandeliers and ceiling fans. The trim on windows and doors should be dusted including that of the window ledges. The blinds are to be dusted along with the steps and interior hand railings. All vents should be dusted. The dashboards should be dusted as well. The built in shelves should as well be cleaned with a duster. Wipe the hand prints off on the door knobs and switches with the help of paper towel to ensure a proper condominium cleaning.

3. The windows should be wiped down, and also the front screen door and sliding glass door. The cleaning should be done with paper towel and window cleaner which will leave them free of streak.

4. The top of the refrigerator should be dusted along with the interiors and the top of cabinets. Make use of a vacuum cleaning on the cabinet interiors when necessary. Prepare a cleaning liquid or solution that should be made with a quarter cup baking soda to quarter cup water. A piece of clean cloth can be taken for cleaning the outside and inner side of the fridge with this solution. Paper towels can be used to wipe dry. The dishwasher should be turned on without dishes inside following which paper towels can be used to clean dry the fridge. Use paper towels and disinfectant spray for cleaning the backsplash and wiping the sink and the counter. Collect the used towels in garbage bag. If the oven is provided with self cleaning system, it should be let on. When it has cooled down, the ash can be wiped away with paper towel. In case there isn’t any self cleaning system available, it should be cleaned with oven cleaner.

5. A bathroom cleaner can be used for cleaning the tub and shower and shower curtain. Following this they should be wiped with paper towel. The countertop and the sink can be cleaned using a disinfectant. This will ensure quality condominium cleaning.

6. Tile cleaner can be used for mopping any floor. Hardwood floors should be mopped with hardwood floor cleaners and carpeted areas should be vacuumed.

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Some Crucial Cleaning Tips for summer

Cleaning TipsThe warm weather of summer is the right time to consider cleaning chores that have not been attended for long. Although spring is the season when much attention is paid to cleaning, a new checklist of cleaning tasks can be prepared for summer. Different summer cleaning tips are given below for different areas in a house.

Patio Furniture

Weather conditions, spilled drinks and eatables, sitting, etc., outdoor furniture bear too much to be left unattended. Spot cleaning is the best for patio furniture made of any fabric. One of the summer cleaning tips for outdoor furniture is: use gentle cleaners preferably with hose. Follow instructions carefully to prevent patio furniture from damage.

Concrete Patios & Porches

Concrete patios and porches are beaten by bird droppings, mud and debris blown by the wind. In case of too bad a condition, professional assistance is recommended. Otherwise, mix dishwashing soap in warm water to clean stains with the help of a strong scrub. Use pressure washer for simple finish.

Barbecue Grills

Barbecue grills demand some of the best summer cleaning tips as they are most used during summer, at home and at camps too. Heavy-duty cleaner and wire grill brush are required to clean grille.

Downspouts & Gutters

Gutters get jammed by debris, gunk, leaves, etc. mostly during summer, which makes inspection of gutters and cleaning of downspouts an obvious necessity during summers.

Fountains, Pools and Spas

For some unknown reasons, fountains, pools and spas in the backyard seem to have magnetic effect on twigs, leaves, debris, etc. Those who know the art of cleaning them appropriately can do it; otherwise professionals can be contacted.

Outdoor Lighting

Techniques of cleaning outdoor lighting have to be among the summer cleaning tips. There are many insects that are attracted towards light. They often manage to get inside the covers of lamps and die down there. That is alone reason enough to include outdoor lamps in the summer cleaning checklist.

Air Filters

Air is something without which regular humans cannot live for even minutes. Unlike impurities in water and food, polluted air cannot be checked before inhalation, which is why cleaning air filters every 3 months is recommended.

Ceiling Fans

One of the most used appliances during summer is ceiling fans. Naturally, they attract huge volume of dust and dirt which accumulate on its blade making it look dirty and the air it circulates polluted. They can be easily cleaned with damped cloth even while they are attached.

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Different Green and Natural Cleaning Products for the House

Home Cleaning ServiceCleaning agents prepared at home comes with several benefits. The primary benefit is that nearly every ingredient required for preparing cleaning mixture is readily available. The secondary benefit comes in the form of saving money. Lastly, ingredients prepared at home do not cause any harm unlike chemical cleaners purchased from the market.

  • Baking Soda

When it comes to green home cleaning, baking soda without any doubt is a wonderful product. It can be utilized for different purposes but cleaning carpets with this product is common choice for most homeowners. Half cup baking soda mixed with full cup of borax along with cornmeal serves as the perfect ingredient for cleaning carpets. The mixture needs to be sprinkled during night-time and vacuumed the following day.

  • White Vinegar

This multipurpose cleaner helps with nearly every type of cleaning at home. Apart from being eco-friendly, white vinegar helps with cleaning of kitchen, bathroom and various other home surfaces. In a spraying bottle, one teaspoon of borax along with two tablespoon of white vinegar can mixed with warm water and after mixing the ingredients, 1/4th cup of castile soap (liquid) can be added. Continue reading

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Your Home and Green Cleaning Product

Green cleaning

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When you clean your home, you mean real cleanliness. So, opt for eco-friendly cleaners instead of being traditional and using the conventional cleaning substances, which do clean the surfaces but are hazardous for health and environment. Logically, such cleanliness that puts health of the family at risk is worthless. On the other side, you do not need to be an obsessive environment freak to make the switch from hazardous products to green cleaning products.

Whether you clean by yourself or opt to hire cleaning services, ample ‘green’ products are available in the market to suffice your needs. There are numerous cleaning agencies that offer only green cleaning. This is an advantage for you as you can make the choice according your budget or preference. Thus, the house gets cleaned with the assurance of zero hazards.

What you may not be aware of is that most of the usual cleaning products that you can count are really dangerous for the health of the people in general. Commonly available cleaning substances contain petroleum or similar constituents that have serious implication on environment and health. Their cleaning mechanism is based on complete removal of everything from the surface to which they are applied. Thus, good and beneficial organisms or features of a particular surface are cleaned off along with the harmful germs. On the contrary, green cleaning substances ensure that only harmful impurities are wiped off the surface and that too in an environmentally friendly way. Continue reading

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Your home needs care and protection when the winter has bidden adieu!

Home Clearwater Cleaning Service FLIt is spring and therefore it is time to be active once again! Gone are the winter blues but it has not taken away the damages that it has caused to the home. Winter must surely have left your home looking worn out and ugly. Weather beaten as the home and the surroundings should look, you would definitely want to do a spick and span home cleaning. The exterior of your home can look as having survived a meteor hit! So take up all your cleaning supplies and prepare yourself for the early spring cleaning.

First, clean the windows that must have gathered much dirt. The winter storm must have deposited moisture laden dirt as residue on the window glass making it look gross. The screens need to be cleaned first. Take them out and get them washed in the bath. You may use soap if required in case they have got sticky. The next task to enter the list of cleaning is clearing the gutter of leaves. The gutter must have received much of dead leaves. Remove them. Make sure to remove all the twigs and branches from the gutter too.

During winter you cannot be courageous enough to do a complete home cleaning including the exteriors. So, as spring is come, it is also time to look at the garden. Sweep away all the dead leaves and trim the grass. Check if the walkways, the rails and stairs. The roof must also undergo checking for damges, cracks and on encountering one, professional help is to be sought.

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Effective Natural Tips on Home Cleaning

Natural Home CleaningIt is the desire of every person to have a home that is absolutely clean and clutter free. However, when it comes to home cleaning, most people dread the task as it involves huge amount of time as well as effort. If the house remains dirty, it can lead to the increase in number of harmful elements like dust mites and allergens that has serious effect on the health of the people living in the house. In order to maintain good and health and healthy lifestyle, hygiene within the house needs to be maintained without fail. Efforts should be made to minimize the exposure to toxins and allergens especially for small children. A house that is well maintained and kept clean, impacts the psychology of the people living within it, in a positive way. It is always better to take a natural approach towards the cleaning the house and provided below are some tips:

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Clean your home after hosting the Thanksgiving

House cleaningWhen you are done with hosting the Thanksgiving, after escorting the last guest out through the door, you are left with a world of untidy things to deal with. After the gathering has withdrawn, it is you who are left with the ultimate mess created of your home. You need to take a deep breath and start with the home cleaning. You are to clean the table and the plates that have piled up forming mountains, the sofa that has successfully managed to gather stains of various sizes, the carpet that is full of food particles, dust and what not! But this year it will not be much of a problem to deal with the task of cleanliness as you have remained organized from the very beginning.

Making use of disposable dishes is a convenient option, but that does not always sound good. When it is the more sophisticated way you choose in making use of the ceramic, traditional glass, and cutlery, you need to go for the huge plastic tub. The plastic tub must be deep so that it can hold few layers of plates along with the bowls and glasses and cutlery. The tub will help you to carry the dishes from the table to the sink. It is good if the tub fits into the sink and if it does not it can serve as a good transport system as well during the home cleaning.

Kitchen is another place that you need to deal with patience. It is the place where you spend most of your time and it needs to be made squeaky clean as soon as possible. The sight of piled up dishes, crumpled up tissues, food spilled all over could just be horrific, especially when it took you so long to get the kitchen ready for your guests! The cleaning of kitchen forms the most important part in an after Thanksgiving home cleaning. This is the place where you have to pretend to yourself that you are done with the task of washing. The most useful thing you could is to have the dishwasher ready when you are about to start the cooking, so that when it gets full, you can run it. When you are done with cleaning the dishes, wash the counter tops.

Bathroom is another place that needs thorough after Thanksgiving home cleaning. You need to start with wiping out the tiles and washing the floor. The towels need to be taken out for getting them thoroughly washed. The most important thing that should be done is to use a disinfectant to keep it hygienic as before. The complete process will not take much time as the cleaning was not done very long ago.

Finally, the living room enters the list of home cleaning. You are done with the hectic part of the task and this room will not take much time. You just need to dust the objects again and wipe the places where necessary, following a vacuum cleaning completes the task for you.

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Cleaning Up a Kitchen in Your Home

Hoe Kitchen cleaningHome Inspection is an important part of home-selling process. Even if the offer has been made, a negative home inspection report might lead to cancellation of the deal. Home owners always feel a bit tensed when a home inspector goes through their house making particular note of the things that are wrong or faulty. However, there are ways through which negative comments can be reduced in a home inspection report. A kitchen is one of the most important places in the house and inspection of the kitchen includes electrical, built-in appliances and plumbing. A professional home inspector checks out everything like bottom of the sink, inside of the appliances like dishwater, stoves and even cupboards. Apart from that the electrical panels hiding behind the cupboards are also checked. A good home cleaning regime ensures that your house stays in a clean and tidy condition without the need to worry too much about home inspection.

Sometimes areas to be inspected in the house get blocked by certain items but the home inspector is neither advised nor required to move those items. Apart from that component or systems that are shut down because of certain reasons are not required to be operated. This is mainly done because of the fact that the home inspector is totally unaware of why certain systems or appliances are shut down and reactivating them might put the entire house at risk. On the other hand if the home inspector is not able to access certain areas it could lead to an incomplete report which might affect the deal. Thus, to make sure that the inspection takes place in smooth manner a thorough home cleaning is required.

Before getting the home inspected, the owner of the house should make sure that every utility in the house is powered on. The home cleaning task should include removal of garbage, cleaning of materials and supplies from the sink’s bottom. Items that are hanging or kept in front of electrical panels should be removed. Cleaning everything in the house is extremely important as a dirty house gives the impression of a house poorly maintained. In case of a fireplace or wood stove, professional cleaners should be hired to clean them thoroughly.

If there are any repairs to be made in the kitchen it should be carried out as soon as possible. The dirty dishes in the kitchen should be washed and put away. Every item from inside the stove should be removed and the countertop should be cleaned and de-cluttered. It is always advisable to include all these things in the list of home cleaning. This will make sure that the home inspector is able to provide a complete report that will lead to faster closing. Another important thing to consider is to provide a nice and safe place for every pet in the house. A sturdy kennel in the house or taking the pet to some relative’s place is both good options. Although this might not fall under home cleaning but surely carries a lot of importance.

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House cleaning to help you make you house lively

Home Cleaning ClearwaterCleanliness is a mark of how civilised a society or a person is. No other known creature requires cleaning everything related to it than human beings. As the cleaning techniques vary for different objects and rooms so they vary for different seasons too. However, the variation is in the details of cleaning techniques but the fundamental steps remain almost the same. Some techniques are mentioned here that may prove helpful for many in their cleaning responsibilities. These techniques cover cleaning of nearly all the common articles or rooms involved in home cleaning.

Bathroom is one of those places that cannot be missed during house cleaning. In fact, bathrooms require more cleaning than any other room in the house. Development of mould is the most common issue with bathrooms or toilets. It can be removed by using any good quality mildew solution. Simply spraying the solution on the grout and then scrubbing with a brush would be sufficient to clean bathroom walls and floor. The effort can be repeated after 15 minutes, if required. Wiping the floor, walls and glass with a squeegee after shower can be adopted as a preventive measure.

Windows, blinds and drapes require regular cleaning too as they remain in the open all the time. Window cleaning is done best on a cloudy day. Micro fibres are the best option for cleaning windows. Using a window cleaning on the panes and rinsing them with microfibers would surely remove all the dirt and stains. Afterwards, squeegee should be used to wipe the window pane. A regular drycleaner that is used for home cleaning can be used to clean drapes and blinds to. The only specification is that brush attachment is to be used for blinds while upholstery attachment for drapes. Simple dusting should be enough in case of moderately dusty drapes or blinds.

Vacuum cleaners are to be used to clean upholsteries and furniture too. Since home cleaning is most commonly done with vacuum cleaners, the instructions about what attachments are to be used for what kind of objects is generally found on the cleaners manuals.

Kitchen cupboard are another regularly used items and hence, get dirty quickly too. Cupboards simply have to be scrubbed or rinsed by microfiber cloth or scrubber sponge after getting slightly soaked in a furniture cleaning solutions. All these objects may get dirty quickly but to clean them does not require any extraordinary talent. However, these have to be cleaned regularly irrespective of whether entire house cleaning is carried out or not.

Computers and electronics, however, have to be cleaned with caution. It is important to switch off the appliance before cleaning. The computer or electronics attachment should be used to vacuum clean and blow off the dust. Then the parts that can be unscrewed such as mouse, cabinet, etc. have to unscrewed and wiped gently with cotton or soft cloth to remove sticky dusts. Once it is ensured that all the reachable dusts are off, the lids should be screwed again. And with it, most of the house cleaning is complete. For deeper cleaning, professionals’ assistance is strongly recommendable.

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