Guide to cleaning products for your home

Home Clearwater Cleaning Service FLCleaning your home is a balance between different requirements and this will effect the products you choose and how you use them. Some people make the mistake of using the wrong products at the wrong time or using two few products. Whether you are doing your own cleaning or have a home cleaning service you need to make sure that the right products are used.

With a home cleaning service they will often bring their own cleaning products but you may want to check what these are before hand and may even want to provide your own or specify how different products are used.

Some cleaning products are ideal for removing dirt and grime, other stains and tarnish. There are then of course products for killing bacteria and germs and leaving your home safe for you and your family. At the same time some products stain and damage certain materials and surfaces so should be used with caution, often diluted to a very exact degree or simply not used. Other products let off fumes and so you may not want them used at all or may want to only use these or have them used by your home cleaning service when your family are not in the house and the weather allows for your home to be aired afterwards.

When it comes to removing dirt and grime what is often needed is a lifting action, this includes using baking soda which is also natural and harmless, you might use other commercial products with chemicals in though, especially for burnt on food in an oven.

While products with a lifting action may need to be left, abrasives may need some hard work to make the most of, you may use sandpaper or wire brushes but also products may contain silica or similar to make cleaning products, often including cream cleaners, gritty.

Stains and tarnishing are different though and need different products. Vinegar and lemon juice are both acidic and can remove tarnish from products such as silver and other metals including sinks and also soap scum from sinks and baths. Stronger acidic products may work more quickly and be better for tough stains on toilets and rust stains that can be very difficult to remove but it may be better to use lemon juice and vinegar and leave them to get to work as these are less harmful and are much less likely to stain: though you should be careful with varnished wood and worktops made or marble or similar.

Bleach is a product that many people don’t like the smell of and it can cause damage but at the same time it does get rid of stains, though doesn’t actually remove very much dirt but makes it less visible. Let your home cleaning service know your preference for use of bleach and be clear what surfaces you do not want it used on.

There are then anti-bacterial products, most of these are not natural and can actually be quite harsh chemicals; there is also the argument that a house that is too clean is actually bad for children who need to naturally be exposed to some bacteria to build up their immune systems. Some people prefer to use natural anti bacterial products such as lavender oil, make sure again your home cleaning service knows your preference.


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Finest European Maids Spring Cleaning Special – March 1 through March 31 2012

Spring Cleaning Special from European Maids till the end of March.

Clearwater cleaning service

  • $40/hour (2 hour minimum)
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Weekly and Biweekly rates available.

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Locating the Best Cleaning Service Clearwater Has to Offer

Clearwater Cleaning ServiceWhen looking to hire a cleaning service, it’s essential that you look at the company’s track record. Have they worked with many clients? Do they have good reviews? Are their prices comparable to the competition in the area? You get the idea.

But you also have to think about what is available within your local community. When searching for the best cleaning service Clearwater, FL has within city limits, you’re going to want to find a company that has a stellar reputation and that isn’t afraid to go above and beyond to please their clients. It should also have been in the area for a while and have a long-standing record of serving the community.

Beyond these basic things, you also need to make sure the company has all of the appropriate certifications and insurance. Liability insurance is vital, especially since they will be coming into your home to clean. Make sure they are covered in case something of yours gets broken or damaged. The individual workers should also have been with the company for a long time and have a good track record of performing outstanding work.

When trying to find the best cleaning service Clearwater has, it’s a good idea to ask your friends and family. What cleaning service do they use? What would they recommend? Put a few feelers out there to get some information about the companies in your area. You might just be pleasantly surprised to find a number of options. Or, you might find that there is one stand out company among the pack that would be an obvious choice.

Your next resource is to check out the Better Business Bureau. You should never hire a company without first checking out their record with the BBB. If they have received a number of complaints and have a history of client problems, you’re likely better off going with a different company.

At the end of the day, you just have to trust your own judgment. Does the company seem reputable? Is the customer service staff friendly and helpful? Have you been able to find positive reviews of the company online? All of these factors will come into play when looking for the best cleaning service Clearwater has to offer. Doing any less than this and you run the risk of hiring an unqualified company that could wreck your home at worst or just not do a very good job at best.

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Tips for Clearwater residents, get ready for Spring Cleaning

Clearwater Cleaning ServiceWhether you are a housewife, househusband and especially if you work as well as having to do housework you can save a lot of time with a little preparation for spring cleaning.

It may be tempting to just get in a Clearwater cleaning service company but you can do a lot of the work yourself if you plan and get organized. First of all you need to be honest about how much time you really will find and how much work there is to do. Make a list of jobs and look at which will take the most time. You will be most likely to find time for lots of smaller jobs so take a look at bigger jobs and also any jobs that could be done better with better equipment than you have available.

These kind of jobs are likely to include carpet cleaning and steam cleaning and you may want to get in a local Clearwater cleaning service for these to save you time and to do a better job with professional equipment. If these jobs need to be done before or after other jobs make sure you plan when they will be done and plan everything else around them; you may want to look up Clearwater cleaning services online or in your local Yellow Pages and book someone as soon as possible to ensure they will be available.

One of the first jobs you will want to do is to de-clutter and tidy, this will leave it clear for all other jobs. You can though save a lot of time by simply putting things away rather than simply dropping them around the place in the weeks running up to your cleaning and get your family members or housemates to do the same. This may also include tidying away things that have been in the wrong place for some time by picking things up as you go between rooms while going about your daily routine.

Getting in the right supplies is of course very important, if you do use a local Clearwater cleaning service for some of the cleaning they will bring a wide selection of cleaning products but you will need supplies for the parts of your spring clean you plan to complete. The easiest thing is to get items when you are doing a weekly shop but this means planning ahead so list what you will need for each task.

Even after all of this planning you may want to put off your spring clean or get in a Clearwater cleaning services company to do it instead: the trick is to try and make the cleaning as enjoyable as possible. This could mean promising yourself a treat when the job is done but also setting up some entertainment while you are working. Set up music on a MP3 player with the right kind of upbeat music to listen to as you work or if you have a tablet computer you could even load a favourite movie or TV show to move around with you as you clean your home so you are never without entertainment, even when reorganising your loft.

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How to Clean Your House After the Holiday Season

Cleaning Service in Clearwater, Palm Harbor and St. Petersburg

There’s no getting around it: the holidays make a wreck of your house. With all of those friends and family pouring in and out the door, the decorations going up and being taken down, and the presents—both given and received—cause considerable clutter in your home. Despite this fact, there are quick and easy ways to clean up post holiday.

Make It a Priority

The longer you let your home look ransacked, the harder it will be for you to tidy up later on. After all, it’d be much easier to tackle it tomorrow, right? Don’t procrastinate. As soon as your family goes home and the tree has been set outside by the curb, start picking up the mess.

Hire a Cleaning Service


It might sound like a luxury, but you’ll really be doing yourself a favor by hiring a cleaning service after the holidays. Why? Simply, this isn’t your everyday kind of mess. Post-holiday clean up requires extensive cleaning of the kitchen after all of that food preparation. The floors need to be meticulously swept, vacuumed, and mopped after encountering so much foot traffic and pine needles.

Most of all, many people have to get right back to work after the holidays, not leaving much time for fixing the mess. Hiring a cleaning service makes the entire task less daunting and allows you to get a spotless home without having to lift a finger.

Get Out of Their Way

Once the cleaning service arrives, it’s best to get out of their way. That is, don’t stick around the house and guide them through the cleaning process. They know what they’re doing and can clean a lot more efficiently and quickly without you hounding them over every stroke of a duster. Arrange for the cleaners to come while you’re away at work or schedule an outing for yourself while they’re working so you won’t get in the way.

Most people look over the mess their homes have become after the holidays and sigh, not even knowing where to start. But this doesn’t have to be you. Even better, you don’t have to spend your vacation scrubbing. Hire a cleaning service
to get the job done for you and you’ll find yourself with a lot more free time. And you won’t even have to feel guilty about it, which is probably the biggest perk of all. The job will be done in an afternoon’s time and you won’t have to think about sweeping pine needles again for another year.

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A Guide to Cleaning Your Rooms Efficiently

Cleaning any room in your home should be efficient, there are other things you would rather be doing so don’t allow it to take longer than it should. Many people approach their home cleaning in a haphazard way though and don’t realize how much time they are wasting.

There are two ways to go about your home cleaning first of all, one room at a time or a few rooms at a time. Generally you will want to do your kitchen and bathrooms separately but with rooms such as bedrooms you may want to do them all at once rather than one thing at a time and you will soon see why.

To do your home cleaning in an efficient way do one thing at a time. So first of all go around and get rid of anything that has been left out, doesn’t belong in that room, is rubbish or is simply out of place. You should then have the room as it should be for your home cleaning.

It is best to do one job at a time and it makes a lot of sense to start with dusting, when you dust most of the dust actually rather than getting picked up falls down on to flat surfaces or floors, therefore start high and work down. It may help with this and other home cleaning jobs to start in one corner and then work around the outside of the room.

By doing a few rooms at once you don’t have to put down dust clothes just to get them later and the same is true when you come to polish. You may want to even split polishing up as well so that first you do wood, then metal items and so on, this way you only need to use one container of polish at once.

You may have little more to do now apart from vacuuming your carpet but also look out for any little jobs such as getting rid of cobwebs, cleaning windows, or even wiping down walls, which might be needed.

Vacuuming more than any other job should be done in one go for all rooms, it also pays to start in one room away from the door and work across towards the door. Rather than waiting until items get in the way it helps to move them all beforehand in one go so you don’t need to be constantly stopping and starting the job. Another important point is that if you do use your vacuum for upholstery, curtains or to get cobwebs out of corners again you should do this before the rest of your vacuuming as often dust will end up on the carpet rather than in the vacuum cleaner.

Kitchens and bathrooms obviously take more work, you have the same steps but a few others as well. You may well want to clean your oven and hob in the kitchen and toilet, taps, bath and sink in the bathroom first. All of these are jobs that should be done before the rest of the room. With your hob especially but with all of these when you start scrubbing dirt may fly off in other directions and land elsewhere such as the floor or work surfaces. To make sure you don’t cross contaminate make sure the jobs that require more hard work are done first.

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The Benefits of Hiring a Clearwater Cleaning Service

Clearwater cleaning service

In this day and age having a spotless home can feel like a luxury. However, taking care of your living space can actually improve your health and sense of well-being. There’s nothing like cleaning up a mess to improve your mood and regular cleansing can eliminate mold, mildew, and other toxins that could negatively impact your health. But what on earth are you supposed to do if you’re too busy? Why, hire a Clearwater cleaning service to get the job done for you, of course!

Most maid services are affordable and can fit within your budget. Plus, you’ll find the services they offer to be more than worth the cost. Here are just a few of the benefits:

By hiring Clearwater cleaning service, you can rest assured that every last bit of dirt and grim will be removed from your home. In the bathroom, that deeply ground in dirt in the grout will be removed. Tough soap scum will be scrubbed away. Most importantly, the dirt that accumulates is removed to prevent the accumulation of mold and other bacteria that could be harmful to your health. A truly skilled cleaning service will effectively sterilize your home, leaving it a safer, more inviting place in which to live.

Likewise, the appropriate, specialized cleaners will be used on the various surfaces of your home so there won’t be any of that unsightly streaking. And all of the tough stains and grime will be removed. No more generic cleaners that won’t do half of the job of removing soap scum in the bathroom, grease in the kitchen, and fingerprints from wood.

A Clearwater cleaning service will also clean areas you may not think to clean. For instance, they’ll clean out your microwave, get under cabinets and refrigerators and dust high corners and shelves. Even the upholstery will get its due turn with steam cleaners to remove stains and trapped bacteria and dirt. A good steam cleaner for the carpet will also ensure any bacteria and grime you’ve tracked in from outside will be removed.

Once a maid is done with your home, every last surface and corner will be cleaned and sanitized to ensure your ensure living space is safe and welcoming to all who enter it. And the best part is you don’t have to lift a finger. The maids will come into your home, clean everything so you can check one more thing off of your to-do list and get on with your life. And bring the maids back once every few weeks to maintain your spotless abode!

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Five Main Reasons You Might Need to Clean Your Home

Maid Service in Palm Harbor and ClearwaterWhen somebody comes to your home, the first think they notice, is your house clean? There must be good cleaning. Dirty windows and rooms give the bad impression that this house is not maintained well. While cleaning house gives you an idea about that the house is in good quality condition. There are 5 reasons to clean your home using maid service. You shall find out some reasons, why to clean your home professionally cleaned.

1.       Save time:

By appointing a maid service to keep clean your home, you have free time to allow you to get attention on your house and family. Your mind will feel rest, when you will see your house tidy and neat, when you come back at home. You don’t need to a cleaning or arrange your stuff. You can also have more time free to go meet people with friends.

2.       Save money:

Hiring maid service or professional cleaner is a good way to save the money; as they cover best skilled professional and personnel cleaning equipment, which you do otherwise you need to purchase to clean your home for required standards. Professional cleaner have an everyday cleaning schedule, that make sure your house is cleaned daily.

3.       Insects & Germs:

The cleaner that you keep your home as less likely may be there are disturbing crawlies & hiding in the corners, in shoes, or may be making a big space that must be yours. Somebody, I knew had not cleaned for long time, and got a black spider in kid’s toy box. YIKES!! Insects are great…. when they live outside, somewhere they belong. You must hire a maid service to get better cleaning services.

4.       Solution for “no time to clean messy room or exhaustion”:

To keep home clean is the most sluggish way out. For a while just imagine about it, it is easier to keep little cleaning daily than you spend a huge time organizing clothes and keeping everything back. Often when you keep clean messy rooms just like that you are spending huge block of time, which you can use to have fun-with. It is worth the not many minutes every day to keep in knowledge that I wouldn’t waste enjoyable time to keeping home clean. It is possible to hiring a home maid service.

5.       Keep clean your home for healthier living:

Clean homes are the healthier homes. Many people are allergic from dust. It is bad much that your untidy decor may be make you sick, however if your home is exactly making you seriously sick that may feel awful and maybe pre occupying your resistance system, when a flu or cold bacteria comes on to your way. In this situation you may be too run-down to clash for it off. To live and have healthier life it is only possible to keeping your home clean and allows you to have better life.

When you appoint a maid service it results people would be much tending to hang-out in cleaned home. You justify the best place you maybe have. Keeping your home clean is the good gift for you.

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Look out for your family’s health with a comprehensive cleaning regime

Home Cleaning Service Different people have different ideas about cleaning their home and different ideas about why it is important. For some people having a home that looks bright and sparkling clean is important, for others it is all about how healthy a home is and making sure it really is clean but the two things aren’t always the same.

In reality you will probably want a home that both looks clean and is clean and healthy but the types of cleaning needed to make a house a healthy home may not be quite what you are doing.

With trying to make your home look presentable you may well have a lot of things tidied away, but do you still clean and dust these? You may also clean and polish the most obvious surfaces but worry less about those that can’t be seen.

Surfaces that can’t be seen can still affect your health, especially if mold starts growing anywhere.  DustHome Cleaning Service and bacteria growing in your home are serious but mold is perhaps more serious. Mold can grow anywhere in your home including cellars and lofts but the spores once airborne can get anywhere and you and your family can inhale them without knowing. Mold once in the lungs can cause chest infections, lead to asthma and weaken your immune system.

If you use a professional cleaning service you will have the advantage of having cleaners who know exactly where mold is likely to grow and what conditions mold likes, damp and certain sources of food, they will therefore seek out and remove mold and any sources of food for them, such as food debris under kitchen cupboards, that they could start growing on.

Dust is a problem as well of course and again not just that which can be seen; a cleaning service will give a home a thorough clean to remove all traces of dust. Getting rid of dust often involves moving furniture, and taking time dusting delicate items, you probably don’t have time to do this as regularly as you would like, at least once a week, with a cleaning service though you won’t have to worry about fitting cleaning into your busy schedule.

To really minimize dust and bacteria in your home you may want to get in a professional carpet cleaner once or twice a year: your vacuum cleaner can only suck up lose dust and dirt close to the surface, a professional carpet cleaner will penetrate deep into the carpet and underlay and also remove ingrained dirt.

If you are choosing a cleaning service another thing that is important to your family’s health is to choose a service that uses natural products where possible and minimizes the use of chemicals, which themselves can be bad for you. Vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda are all good cleaning products that are safe to breath and leave a safe residue. A chemical residue on kitchen surfaces can not only taint food but also be bad for health; excessive use of bleach and other chemicals leaves an odor that can burn the eyes and throat.


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Natural cleaning products prove to be better for the environment and your family

Clearwater cleaning services All those constantly new and improved cleaning products advertised on TV and filling supermarket shelves, and quite possibly the cupboard under your sink: are they really necessary? Through the scent that has been added you can still smell the fumes of noxious chemicals and bleach: they certainly aren’t good for the environment and a lot of what you use does get washed down the drain. If these cleaning products aren’t good for the environment you also have to ask whether they are really good for you and your family when they get left on your worktops, floors and other surfaces.

Clearwater cleaning services are a professional cleaning company and they don’t use these chemical based cleaning products unless they really have to. You would be amazed perhaps then just how much Clearwater cleaning services can do with some vinegar, lemon juice and some baking powder. All these ingredients are edible and of course harmless to the environment. Making a sandwich on a worktop cleaned with lemon juice is going to mean that slight flavor from residue after cleaning is a lot more pleasant than when food picks up that slightly chemically taste from the worktop spray you normally use.

Lemon Juice and Vinegar are importantly antiseptic so they kill germs, they may not kill as many bugs as some anti bacterial cleaners but, as doctors now advise, an environment that is too clean is actually bad for us. No bacteria, especially for children, means we build up no immune system and are more at risk of catching serious germs and being badly affected by them.

The acid in vinegar or lemon juice does much more than just killing germs however and are important weapons in theClearwater cleaning services Clearwater cleaning services arsenal. Lemon Juice is great for polishing and getting rid of stains on some metals including copper and brass and also stains on clothes and fabrics. Lemon juice also deodorizes of course so is great for cleaning bins and cleaning worktops and chopping boards that have been used for things such as fish.

Vinegar is particularly used by Clearwater cleaning services when they clean bathrooms. Vinegar is better than almost any commercial cleaning product for removing soap scum from around taps and in the bath. Though the smell of the vinegar isn’t as pleasant as the lemon it is a lot better than bleach or other products that make your eyes go red and get into your lungs making it hard to breath. Vinegar in the bathroom and the kitchen can even get rid of those mould and mildew stains on sealant and grouting that you thought would never go, there’s also the fact of course that vinegar is cheap so you don’t have to watch how much you use that can also make things easier.

Clearwater cleaning services also find Baking Soda very useful, unlike vinegar or lemon juice doesn’t deodorize by over-powering other smells but it actually absorbs odor. Using baking soda in the fridge will collect up all those smells that intermingle and create a bit of a stink: this can also stop strong foods like cheese contaminating the taste of others. Baking soda is great for removing stains as well though and also burnt on and caked on grease and food making it perfect for cleaning your oven.

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