Cleaning The Bedroom Big Time

The m Cleaning The Bedroom Big Timeain problem with the bedroom is that it’s the bedroom. The place you lay your head down each night and sleep or lounge around on those lazy days. It serves as a combination crash pad, gymnasium and storage facility. With that much usage, cleaning it thoroughly means a big time effort.

We’re not talking your regular daily or weekly vacuuming and dusting, we’re talking the big beat down on dirt, clutter, damage, and more.

Getting started means surveying the bedroom and assessing when the last time it got a thorough cleaning. Realize that there may be spots that need some real elbow grease to straighten out. You’re going to have to move some furniture, loose some fixtures, and lift some rugs. The worst part is cleaning out the closets of clutter that has accumulated over time.

Clean out the closets and drawers first. Put down some plastic or big sheets that you can put the stuff on and not soil the rug or damage the furniture and floor. Look at what you really need to have in your closet. Old clothes that hold some sentimental value, just pack up and store in the attic. Shoes too. Some ladies can accumulate so many shoes they often forget they’re there. Tools, broken items, old boxes, need to be cleaned or tossed out. You’ll end up with just the right items you need to keep.

Before putting the necessary items back in the closet, inspect it for damage. Clean it thoroughly and if it needs painting or repair, set that as a chore. Once the job is done you can repopulate it with your possessions. Drawers, cabinets, need to be inspected and cleaned. Move them to see what is underneath them and clean it if need be. Check ceiling fans and air ducts for dust and clutter as well as discoloration and damage. Replace them to give the place a better look. Furniture and items that have small details you need to clean with delicate cloth and cleaner.

If the room needs a new coat of paint, then set things up. Same if the rug or flooring needs attention. A new rug will prevent the build up of mold and dust that older rugs can accumulate. Smooth surface flooring like hard wood, need special care and a few throw rugs that are secured underneath with adhesive will protect the floor and cut down on noise. Don’t forget door hinges and door knobs as well as electrical sockets. Just unscrew and replace or unscrew and clean and put back.

Overall, home cleaning with the bedroom will lead to more peace of mind and foster a better attitude in your life.


Image source: Andriy Popov

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