Cleaning The Pro Way With Simple Household Items

Cleaning The Pro Way With Simple Household ItemsIt might surprise one to find out that they can do a pro level job of cleaning the bathroom and kitchen using just some simple products that are found in just about every household.

You don’t need those high profile cleaning products that cost a bit and don’t always do the job. Doing things the old fashioned way can save in money, time, and get the level of cleaning done that doesn’t harm surfaces, gets rid of the germs with basic vinegar. Vinegar is one of the oldest and most effective disinfectants and cleaners ever. So much so that some companies actually up out a product called cleaning vinegar, which is basically vinegar with a new snazzy name.

Usually, just a half cup of vinegar and a half cup of water will do an entire bathroom or kitchen. This includes appliances, sinks, walls, and floors, and doors tool.
Vinegar won’t harm anything and kills odors. The trick is to get a regimen in and the right tools which are simple. Nowadays the only difference is that you can use microfiber cloth thus cutting down on the use of numerous paper towels.

For the sinks and toilets and showers, just spray the cleaning solution and let set for like 15 minutes. Then follow up with a damp cloth from top to bottom. Follow up with a buffing of paper towels or toilet paper. You’ll get that professional shine right on the spot. Toilets are the heavy duty job, but following a simple procedure will get the job done almost effortlessly. You spray the inside of the bowl and scrub before spraying and wait until 15 minutes after spraying. The grime and icky will disappear easily. Next spray the outside of the toilet and seat and lid and let set about 10 minutes and use a cloth the same way and buff with paper towels or toilet paper. It’s easy and highly effective. Not a lot of elbow grease needed at all.
Walls are the same way. Spray, wait, damp cloth. For appliances, same thing except for the insides. Refrigerators need cleaning in a different way as do dishwashers and microwaves. Fridges need to be sprayed and with the door open, let the spray sit and then wipe down and do a thorough job on the shelves. Put the shelves back in, let dry and you’re good to go. Same with a microwave. Open the door, spray lightly, let set, damp cloth, buff with paper. Dishwasher cleaning can be done with no effort. Just a half cup of water and half cup of vinegar poured into the dishwasher and set on low cycle and voila, the job is done. Do this once a week to prevent odors and other nasty things.

Finally, for floors, you just get a damp mop, after thoroughly spraying the floor or just applying directly with your vinegar water solution. When it’s almost dry, clean damp mop with warm water, to clean up and you’re done.

So it’s no big major chore, just doing things simply with cleaning tools and products that are inexpensive and easy to get.

Image credit: Sebastian Duda

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