Cleaning Up a Kitchen in Your Home

Hoe Kitchen cleaningHome Inspection is an important part of home-selling process. Even if the offer has been made, a negative home inspection report might lead to cancellation of the deal. Home owners always feel a bit tensed when a home inspector goes through their house making particular note of the things that are wrong or faulty. However, there are ways through which negative comments can be reduced in a home inspection report. A kitchen is one of the most important places in the house and inspection of the kitchen includes electrical, built-in appliances and plumbing. A professional home inspector checks out everything like bottom of the sink, inside of the appliances like dishwater, stoves and even cupboards. Apart from that the electrical panels hiding behind the cupboards are also checked. A good home cleaning regime ensures that your house stays in a clean and tidy condition without the need to worry too much about home inspection.

Sometimes areas to be inspected in the house get blocked by certain items but the home inspector is neither advised nor required to move those items. Apart from that component or systems that are shut down because of certain reasons are not required to be operated. This is mainly done because of the fact that the home inspector is totally unaware of why certain systems or appliances are shut down and reactivating them might put the entire house at risk. On the other hand if the home inspector is not able to access certain areas it could lead to an incomplete report which might affect the deal. Thus, to make sure that the inspection takes place in smooth manner a thorough home cleaning is required.

Before getting the home inspected, the owner of the house should make sure that every utility in the house is powered on. The home cleaning task should include removal of garbage, cleaning of materials and supplies from the sink’s bottom. Items that are hanging or kept in front of electrical panels should be removed. Cleaning everything in the house is extremely important as a dirty house gives the impression of a house poorly maintained. In case of a fireplace or wood stove, professional cleaners should be hired to clean them thoroughly.

If there are any repairs to be made in the kitchen it should be carried out as soon as possible. The dirty dishes in the kitchen should be washed and put away. Every item from inside the stove should be removed and the countertop should be cleaned and de-cluttered. It is always advisable to include all these things in the list of home cleaning. This will make sure that the home inspector is able to provide a complete report that will lead to faster closing. Another important thing to consider is to provide a nice and safe place for every pet in the house. A sturdy kennel in the house or taking the pet to some relative’s place is both good options. Although this might not fall under home cleaning but surely carries a lot of importance.

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