House cleaning to help you make you house lively

Home Cleaning ClearwaterCleanliness is a mark of how civilised a society or a person is. No other known creature requires cleaning everything related to it than human beings. As the cleaning techniques vary for different objects and rooms so they vary for different seasons too. However, the variation is in the details of cleaning techniques but the fundamental steps remain almost the same. Some techniques are mentioned here that may prove helpful for many in their cleaning responsibilities. These techniques cover cleaning of nearly all the common articles or rooms involved in home cleaning.

Bathroom is one of those places that cannot be missed during house cleaning. In fact, bathrooms require more cleaning than any other room in the house. Development of mould is the most common issue with bathrooms or toilets. It can be removed by using any good quality mildew solution. Simply spraying the solution on the grout and then scrubbing with a brush would be sufficient to clean bathroom walls and floor. The effort can be repeated after 15 minutes, if required. Wiping the floor, walls and glass with a squeegee after shower can be adopted as a preventive measure.

Windows, blinds and drapes require regular cleaning too as they remain in the open all the time. Window cleaning is done best on a cloudy day. Micro fibres are the best option for cleaning windows. Using a window cleaning on the panes and rinsing them with microfibers would surely remove all the dirt and stains. Afterwards, squeegee should be used to wipe the window pane. A regular drycleaner that is used for home cleaning can be used to clean drapes and blinds to. The only specification is that brush attachment is to be used for blinds while upholstery attachment for drapes. Simple dusting should be enough in case of moderately dusty drapes or blinds.

Vacuum cleaners are to be used to clean upholsteries and furniture too. Since home cleaning is most commonly done with vacuum cleaners, the instructions about what attachments are to be used for what kind of objects is generally found on the cleaners manuals.

Kitchen cupboard are another regularly used items and hence, get dirty quickly too. Cupboards simply have to be scrubbed or rinsed by microfiber cloth or scrubber sponge after getting slightly soaked in a furniture cleaning solutions. All these objects may get dirty quickly but to clean them does not require any extraordinary talent. However, these have to be cleaned regularly irrespective of whether entire house cleaning is carried out or not.

Computers and electronics, however, have to be cleaned with caution. It is important to switch off the appliance before cleaning. The computer or electronics attachment should be used to vacuum clean and blow off the dust. Then the parts that can be unscrewed such as mouse, cabinet, etc. have to unscrewed and wiped gently with cotton or soft cloth to remove sticky dusts. Once it is ensured that all the reachable dusts are off, the lids should be screwed again. And with it, most of the house cleaning is complete. For deeper cleaning, professionals’ assistance is strongly recommendable.

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