Guide to cleaning products for your home

Home Clearwater Cleaning Service FLCleaning your home is a balance between different requirements and this will effect the products you choose and how you use them. Some people make the mistake of using the wrong products at the wrong time or using two few products. Whether you are doing your own cleaning or have a home cleaning service you need to make sure that the right products are used.

With a home cleaning service they will often bring their own cleaning products but you may want to check what these are before hand and may even want to provide your own or specify how different products are used.

Some cleaning products are ideal for removing dirt and grime, other stains and tarnish. There are then of course products for killing bacteria and germs and leaving your home safe for you and your family. At the same time some products stain and damage certain materials and surfaces so should be used with caution, often diluted to a very exact degree or simply not used. Other products let off fumes and so you may not want them used at all or may want to only use these or have them used by your home cleaning service when your family are not in the house and the weather allows for your home to be aired afterwards.

When it comes to removing dirt and grime what is often needed is a lifting action, this includes using baking soda which is also natural and harmless, you might use other commercial products with chemicals in though, especially for burnt on food in an oven.

While products with a lifting action may need to be left, abrasives may need some hard work to make the most of, you may use sandpaper or wire brushes but also products may contain silica or similar to make cleaning products, often including cream cleaners, gritty.

Stains and tarnishing are different though and need different products. Vinegar and lemon juice are both acidic and can remove tarnish from products such as silver and other metals including sinks and also soap scum from sinks and baths. Stronger acidic products may work more quickly and be better for tough stains on toilets and rust stains that can be very difficult to remove but it may be better to use lemon juice and vinegar and leave them to get to work as these are less harmful and are much less likely to stain: though you should be careful with varnished wood and worktops made or marble or similar.

Bleach is a product that many people don’t like the smell of and it can cause damage but at the same time it does get rid of stains, though doesn’t actually remove very much dirt but makes it less visible. Let your home cleaning service know your preference for use of bleach and be clear what surfaces you do not want it used on.

There are then anti-bacterial products, most of these are not natural and can actually be quite harsh chemicals; there is also the argument that a house that is too clean is actually bad for children who need to naturally be exposed to some bacteria to build up their immune systems. Some people prefer to use natural anti bacterial products such as lavender oil, make sure again your home cleaning service knows your preference.


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