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Green cleaning

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When you clean your home, you mean real cleanliness. So, opt for eco-friendly cleaners instead of being traditional and using the conventional cleaning substances, which do clean the surfaces but are hazardous for health and environment. Logically, such cleanliness that puts health of the family at risk is worthless. On the other side, you do not need to be an obsessive environment freak to make the switch from hazardous products to green cleaning products.

Whether you clean by yourself or opt to hire cleaning services, ample ‘green’ products are available in the market to suffice your needs. There are numerous cleaning agencies that offer only green cleaning. This is an advantage for you as you can make the choice according your budget or preference. Thus, the house gets cleaned with the assurance of zero hazards.

What you may not be aware of is that most of the usual cleaning products that you can count are really dangerous for the health of the people in general. Commonly available cleaning substances contain petroleum or similar constituents that have serious implication on environment and health. Their cleaning mechanism is based on complete removal of everything from the surface to which they are applied. Thus, good and beneficial organisms or features of a particular surface are cleaned off along with the harmful germs. On the contrary, green cleaning substances ensure that only harmful impurities are wiped off the surface and that too in an environmentally friendly way.

In case of hiring cleaning service, you should look for those who promote their association with environmentally friendly products, techniques and equipment. You may require brief research to get the idea of what kinds of constituents are harmful and what kinds are beneficial. You can always ask cleaning agencies to brief you about their cleaning products, methods and instruments.

Statistics would better explain the situation to those who believe that numbers do not lie. There are 17,000 petrochemical products available in the market for household cleaning segment but just over 5000 of such cleaning products have been successfully tested. That is, there effect on the surrounding has been measured and calculated. Besides, the quality of air can be equally bad inside and outside the room due to the chemical fumes generated by common cleaning products.

Since renewable and biodegradable cleaners do not impact the environment, they are safest choice for cleaning home.

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