How to Organize Space in The Kitchen

Smart Organizing Ideas for Your KitchenThe kitchen is a place in the house where we spend a lot of time. Here we prepare food, here our whole family gathers, here we invite friends. I very much want the kitchen to be very comfortable, light and cozy.

In the kitchen, everything should be distributed so that things take up less space and are functional.

Time and effort expended on any action should be minimized, otherwise the kitchen will turn into a gym. So try to bring your kitchen economy into a single system that will make your life easier and create a pleasant atmosphere for a meal.

To develop the design of the kitchen is not to find a tile for the already purchased kitchen furniture, you need to think through all the possible moves in the room allocated to the kitchen, think over the zoning of the kitchen room, choose the color scheme of the kitchen interior and, in accordance with this, develop kitchen furniture.

Naturally, the visual decision of kitchen furniture should correspond to the general color decision of the kitchen.

A good kitchen design is the most optimized space that will not allow the hostess to run back and forth for different utensils. Often, we do not have enough in the kitchen of a few square meters.

And, as a result, most of the kitchens are loaded with all sorts of lockers, bedside tables and shelves with jars to such an extent that often forgotten where and what lies. When choosing furniture, preference should also be given to cabinet tables with drawers, pushing and sliding the drawer, there is no need to open and close the cabinet door every time.

The drawers should be divided by partitions into cells for storing various small kitchen utensils. It will be very convenient to equip the cabinet table with one or two pull-out hardwood boards, so that it is convenient to cut food and fix various kitchen utensils.

If you have enough cabinets, to accommodate all accessories, you can buy a folding table or table with a sliding table top, again to save space.

The floor cabinets should be at the same level to withstand symmetry and not to break the harmony. Instead of hanging boxes, open shelves should be used to visually reduce the space.

It is advisable, if they will be the same tone as the walls of your kitchen. Stools stacked in one another will also not take up much space.

Correctly designed kitchen design will help to prevent that cleaning in the kitchen does not turn into hard labor. The main thing is to optimize the kitchen space in advance and think about what and where it will lie, so that it’s easy to take and use.

If we talk about the design styles in which a kitchen is made, then they can be any. It will already depend only on the temperament and taste preferences of the customer.

Striving for harmony of style, it would be wrong to consider that a “conservative” kitchen in classical or retro style can not be equipped with the latest technology. Manufacturing companies often make kitchen furniture by individual order, so the technique can be hidden behind wooden panels.

A complete sense of cuisine in the old style is created: the presence of modern household appliances can be guessed, but can not be seen.

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